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Selopa The Private

Selopa The Private

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🌈 Shake Things Up, Honey! 🚀

Ready to dive deep into the world of pleasure, gents? Meet the diva of vibrating plugs, here to shake up your routine! Fashioned with a diva-like flair and a touch of mischief, it's ready to hit the spot... and then some!

Key Glam Features:

🌪 10 titillating speeds & patterns, because variety is the spice of life!

🌿 Silky-smooth silicone - bye-bye to icky phthalates & latex!

✨ Hard and sturdy ABS plastic base. Tough love, am I right?

💦 Waterproof & ready to dip; pool party anyone?

🔌 USB magnetic recharge, for those who can’t get enough!

📏 Size DOES matter: 5.12" in height, 1.36" in depth, 2.54" in width. And yes, honey, 3.87" of that is all for you!

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