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Shots Sono No. 8 Butt Plug - Set of 4

Shots Sono No. 8 Butt Plug - Set of 4

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Bulging Butt Plugs

This Set of 4 Sono No. 8 Butt Plugs from Shots – Ouch is a great addition to your naughty drawer. Perfect for long on the go wear or as an addition to anal play, this set is great for beginners and anal experts, alike. Each one has a unique pleasure so you can find your fit or enjoy each and every one.

The smallest plug features three pleasurable bulbs that will thrill you as they pass through your entrance. The next size up has a sensual tapering after the tip that builds to a bigger bulb to pop inside you. The next design is a more traditional butt plug design with a perfect taper that makes inserting this bigger toy easier. The largest toy really takes it home, though, with a long taper that leads to a big bulb popping this boy in your hole is enough to climax.

Treat yourself to a set that can rock your world. The material slicks up easily with a little lube to make insertion that make more pleasurable. It’s easy to clean with simple soap and water, just store separately after patting dry.

  • 4 Unique Toys
    • Different Lengths
    • & Different Textures
  • Easy to Clean
  • Tapered and Bulb Designs
  • Beginner Friendly Set

Tease your hole for hours with this set of four butt plugs each with its own unique texture and size.

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