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Sport Fucker 3 Way

Sport Fucker 3 Way

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Multi-use magnificence.

Versatile is an understatement because the Sport Fucker 3 Way is a product that does not just deliver results on many things, it does them phenomenally. The simple design is ingenious because you can use it as a 3-Way cock, ball and shaft ring. It delivers great constriction and enhancement without choking or pinching when used in this configuration. It can also be used as a cockring with ball stretcher. While the focus now shifts to the danglers, you do not lose constriction but at the same time there is ample stretching on that scrotum. Thirdly, as an asslock, it is perfectly matched with Sport Fucker’s ball plug.

  • Super Stretchy TPR rubber
  • Police Blue and Black

Use it 3 ways

  • 3-Way cock, ball and shaft ring
  • Cockring with ball stretcher
  • Asslock, perfectly paired with Sport Fucker’s ball plug

Get simplicity that delivers more. Buy one today.

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