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Sport Fucker Crossfit Plug

Sport Fucker Crossfit Plug

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🎉 Plug and Play: Your Derrière’s New BFF! 🍑

Gentlemen, let us introduce you to the miraculous CrossFit Plug! The dashing, daring, and definitely not shy buddy, ready to escort your prostate on a sensational walkabout. 🏞️ What a thrilling day for your rump, huh? 😜

➡️ Key Features 💡

  • 🕺 Do The Squeeze: With its elegant long neck, your sphincter can snuggle up and take a rest, making this more of a sit-in rather than a squat. It's the full luxury spa experience... but for your behind. 💆‍♂️

  • 🙈 Hide and Cheek: Sporting a chic, low-profile base, it tucks in so neatly between your peaches, even the slinkiest speedos won't spill the beans! 🍑💖

  • 👐 A Feel for Quality: Trust us when we say, you need to get your hands on this baby to truly grasp its rich, luxurious quality. It's like the Rolls Royce of butt plugs, only more discreet. 😉

  • 🎓 Material Matters: With 100% Pure Medical-Grade Silicone, it’s not just a tease but a tickle that's safe and sound.

➡️ Dimensions 📏

  • Length: 130mm. That’s a whole lot of adventure!
  • Widest Circumference: 100mm. Embrace the fullness of life (and then some)!

➡️ Care Instructions 🧼

  • Dishwasher Safe: Pop this bad boy in the dishwasher and voila! Fresh as a daisy! 🌼

🎬 The CrossFit Plug Saga 🍿

Picture this: You’re strutting your stuff on the street, a twinkle in your eye and a secret in your stride. Suddenly, your day is filled with electrifying tingles that light up your every step! 🌟

That's right, gentlemen! The CrossFit Plug has come to save the day from boring errands and tedious board meetings. It's the spice that adds zest to your routine, the party guest that no one sees coming, the... Well, you get the picture! 🎉

Sick of products that overpromise and underdeliver? 💔 Want to add a dash of sass to your everyday life? 💅 Then, darling, the CrossFit Plug is the answer you've been waiting for. Say goodbye to the mundane, and hello to a world of thrilling, cheeky excitement! 🌈

After all, they say good things come in small packages. But they didn't tell you the best things come in sneaky, sassy, and ultra-comfortable packages. And it's got your name written all over it! 🎁😉

So, why wait? Let the CrossFit Plug revolutionize the way you walk, talk, and even, dare we say, twerk! 💃 Trust us, your derrière will thank you. 😘

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