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Sport Fucker Nutt Job Ring

Sport Fucker Nutt Job Ring

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Silky, Stretchy, and Firm

The Nutt Job Ring by Sport Fucker is made of amazingly soft, super-stretchy silicone that’s easy to get on an off in a pinch. The extra thickness can give your balls a great stretch, pulling them down and away from your cock. They’ll be bouncing as you stroke your cock or slapping against his ass, either way, you’ll insane sensations.

The dual-purpose cock ring can grip your meat any way you like, around your cock, your balls, or your whole package for an extra snug fit. Whichever you wear it, you’ll be enjoy the super soft silicone. When it’s stretching just your balls, all that extra width will have your boys tingling with pleasure.

Cleanup is a breeze because the silicone just needs a little soap and water, then you can pat it dry and store separately from your other toys. You’ll have a fuller, thicker, and harder erection when you’re wearing the Nutt Job Ring, you’ll be so turned on. 

Use in any combination of cockring and/or ball stretcher and get off! Ring 1: 1" interior diameter (unstretched) . 3/4" wide. Ring 2: 1" interior diameter (unstretched) . 1 1/8" wide.

  • Silicone
  • Cock Ring or Ball Stretcher
  • Harder, Stronger Erections

There’s no need for hesitation, you won’t be able to resist the pleasure you’ll get from stretch your balls so tight.

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