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Sportsheets Everlaster Harness Stud

Sportsheets Everlaster Harness Stud

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Pleasure your boy’s ass with the added girth and length of the Sportsheets Everlaster Harness

  • Has a 4-way adjustable harness with 2-inch O-Ring snaps
  • 100% waterproof
  • The superior harness has two straps that don’t pull your skin

Having an erection dysfunction does not dictate the end of your sex life, as a matter of fact; you can still get to enjoy sex as much as other people. You only need to use this hollow dildo and pound your boy’s anal canal. This hollow dildo is designed to please both you and your partner; the hollow tunnel will massage your penis while the shaft has bulging veins which are aimed at stimulating all the sensitive spots in your man's ass giving him intense orgasms.

The O-ring also gives you the opportunity to use the straps with other dildos. When using this plug, use plenty of water-based lube to give you and your boy safe, pain-free pleasure.

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