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STR8cam Hybrid Lubricant

STR8cam Hybrid Lubricant

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Silky white, cream, cum lube.

STR8cam Lube Hybrid is a water-based  lube blended with silicone. It looks & feels like cum. Created from the best ingredients available. Can extend your steamy breading session! Lets you feel the sensation of skin to skin contact. Enhances masturbation. Essential for anal sex. Silky white, creamy, soft, velvety & smooth. Leaves your skin feeling soft and conditioned. Best for anal, masturbation, solo, sex, toys & more.

Easy cleaning with no residue. Pound like you have never pounded before. Provides long lasting lubrication for non-stop action. Hypoallergenic formula. Non staining. Reactivates with water, saliva, and sweat. Not sticky, tacky, greasy or slimy.

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