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Tactical Cream

Tactical Cream

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Smooth Action

The new Tactical Cream from Gun Oil is a perfect water-based masturbation cream with just a touch of silicone to keep your cock feeling sensually soft. The ready-to-go formula means you can go to town with this slick cream right out of the jar. Thick enough to be erotically satisfying but slick enough to get down to business.

Perfect for solo hands-only action or step your masturbation toy game up another level with this cream. Safe for use in your favorite sleeve, you’ll feel like you got a whole new toy with just a few gobs of this cream. The creamy, never drip formula is super easy to clean up so you can even use it for erotic massage.

With no taste and no scent, this is the perfect masturbation cream to take your cock play to the next level with or without a partner. You’ll feel like you’ve got magic hands with just a little bit of this cream slicking up your rock-hard cock.

  • Water-based
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Masturbation Cream
  • Quick to Use Formula
  • Silicone for added slickness
  • Unscented
  • Flavor-Free
  • Not Safe for Use with Latex Condoms

Come on, Daddy, by the masturbation cream your cock deserves.

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