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Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring

Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring

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💜 Get Ready to Swoon with the Tantus 1.5" Supersoft Cock Ring: Passion Awaits! 😍

Are you ready to give your love rocket an upgrade? The Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring is here to help you become the bedroom superhero you always knew you could be. This wonder is broader than your average cock ring, ensuring maximum comfort and safety as you grip the base of your manhood and balls for an out-of-this-world experience. Let this sexy ring help you reach new heights of pleasure and endurance. 🚀

Sensual Specs:

  • Made from ultra-safe silicone – perfect for even the most sensitive skin 😇
  • Broader 1.5" width for added comfort and support – like a hug for your package! 🤗
  • Tantus: a brand that cares about your body and the environment 🌍

The Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring is your ticket to longer-lasting, more intense playtime. With its comfortable, body-safe silicone design, this purple sensation will have you lasting through all 10 rounds of your intimate encounters. So, what are you waiting for? Join the silicone revolution with Tantus and let this fabulous cock ring take you on a pleasure-packed journey you'll never forget. 💜💦

The Story: Once upon a time, in the enchanted land of Pleasureville, there was a dashing prince (that's you) who yearned for the power to thrill and delight his many admirers. One day, while browsing the aisles of the mystical Sexy Emporium, he discovered a treasure – the Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring. With its vibrant purple hue and unparalleled comfort, the prince knew this magical device held the key to unlocking his full potential in the boudoir.

As he slipped the ring onto his eager shaft, he felt a surge of energy course through his body. The broader width of the cock ring provided a gentle, yet firm embrace, transforming him into a superhero of seduction. His newfound powers allowed him to last longer and perform more intensely than ever before. He became the talk of Pleasureville, leaving a trail of satisfied paramours in his wake.


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United States United States
Not stretchy enuf

A bit too snug but can you stretch out for a day or two. Seemed to loosen abit

United States United States
Great Ring

Was useful and worked like described.

Jim G.
United States United States

This cock ring is very soft and well made. It’s difficult to judge what size one needs. 1.5 inch? Seemed since I’m of average size should fit. It’s a bit tight, but does the job.

United States United States
comfortable fit!

very soft and stretchy.

United States United States
Tantus C Ring

Worked as advertised! Had an enormous erection that stayed till I took off the ring. Fun times!

Soft Cock Ring

Feels good

Super soft cock ring

Get me rock hard, love it

United States United States
Bit small

Great quality though!

Wesley M.
Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring

Great product and material!