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VeDO Pump Rechargeable Vacuum Penis Pump

VeDO Pump Rechargeable Vacuum Penis Pump

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Add Big Dick Energy Into Your Life.

With this Rechargeable Vacuum Penis Pump by VeDO you can experience all the sensations of your enlarged cock. Plump up your fuck stick and impress the man in your life in just minutes. Boosting your stamina, you can fuck longer and harder than ever before, not to mention deeper.

Satisfy your partner or the mirror with your longer and thickened man meat. They won’t be able to stop staring at your big cock. With thicker and harder erections, get ready for your new sex life. Grow your cock to 7+ inches and feel like a porn star with your new third leg. Even your solo masturbation life will be forever changed, pump yourself to an intense climax for an even more satisfying experience.

Say good-bye to hand pumps and hello to this electric vacuum pump. With adjustable pressure you can incrementally increase the vacuum intensity with quick 5 second bursts of vacuuming or quick release when it’s too much. The built-in silicone ring will keep your meat securely in place as you watch your meat grow with the visible measuring guide.

  • Features One-touch 5 Second Vacuuming
  • Pump to 7+ inches ( 17.78 cm )
  • Enjoy Harder, Thicker, BIGGER Erections
  • Visible Measuring Guide
  • Silicone

Ready to experience your new life with some added big dick energy? Wait no more and say hello to daddy.

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