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Voodoo Get Lucky Score Head Game Masturbator

Voodoo Get Lucky Score Head Game Masturbator

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Use your head!

Work smart, not hard. That applies perfectly to this unique masturbator. While a great majority of them are made to fit the entirety of the penis, which is truly a waste of material. Focus, when applied correctly, makes for a much more satisfying, fuller orgasm.

And that’s the point of the Head Game masturbator. It focuses mostly on the tip of your penis, where most of the sensation is experienced, to achieve explosive, core-shaking orgasms. To this end, you grab it by the top much like a scalp massager and operate it in a similar fashion.

On the top is the button which lets you alternate between up to ten different vibration settings. It’s texturized and water proof. It’s also got fancy LED lights signalling whether it’s on or not.

  • 10 vibration settings
  • Waterproof
  • Texturized
  • Soft silicone

A game changer masturbator that delivers enlightening orgams with the help of 10 vibration settings and a texturized inner sleeve.

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