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XGen Bodywand VersaWand

XGen Bodywand VersaWand

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A massage wherever you are sounds like a dream right?

Well, wake up, sis, you can give yourself or a special someone a deep massage wherever you may be! The Bodywand VersaWand lets you quickly get to work massaging even the tightest muscles, you can angle the device to get those hard-to-reach spots with the perfect pressure.

No more grinning a baring an uncomfortable massage. This bad boy will leave you refreshed and ready, limbered up for whatever activities you’ve got planned.

It comes with six attachments to help you get the perfect massage, whether you need something pinpointed or chiselled away, it’s got the ideal attachment for the job. With three power levels, you can go from light massage to intense, penetrating massage to recover from the gym or bedroom!

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