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Zero Tolerance The One-Two Punch

Zero Tolerance The One-Two Punch

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One, two, cum!

The idea behind the One-Two Punch is quite easy to understand. It is a prostate massager that has been engineered to expertly stimulate the prostate with a vibrating motion. But the One-Two adds a second stimulating point right behind the prostate, which turns a great orgasm into an explosive one.

The toy itself is very convenient to use. It has control buttons on the toy, as well as having a remote control which has more than enough range. The controls are intuitive and allow you to rotate between 12 different modes: 6 “thumping” speeds, which are focused on the head and affect the prostate directly, and 6 vibrating speeds which are focused on the shaft and are for general anal stimulation.

  • 12 different modes
  • Double prostate stimulation + anal stimulation
  • Soft smooth silicone
  • Diameter: 1.6 inches
  • Length: 6 inches

Overall, the One-Two is a unique prostate massager with plenty of fun functions to play around.

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