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ZOLO Roboblow

ZOLO Roboblow

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A robot to blow your mind!

The name ivory evokes fancy, exotic, beautiful objects. The Roboblow is, in many ways, just that. It’s an incredibly sophisticated masturbator with a stunning design that focuses on one particular experience: the blowjob.

All in all, the Roboblow offers ten unique blowjob experiences combining different suction levels and a warming function for a more realistic experience. But the fun doesn’t end there.

The Roboblow comes with two different sleeves, each one with a different texture on the inside and features for drying the Roboblow. Clean is better.

Unlike other masturbators of its kind, the Roboblow uses a lot of power; instead of using a battery it must be plugged. Not to worry, though! The power cord is eight feet long, so you never run short of it.

  • 10 unique suction experiences
  • Warm-up feature
  • Drying feature
  • 8-feet long power cord

A very sophisticated masturbator specializing in blowjobs that will no doubt blow your mind.

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