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ZOLO Stickshift

ZOLO Stickshift

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The epitome of penis stimulation

This is the result of serious, sophisticated science. You don’t get a product like this simply by messing around. The stickshift is a very sophisticated, highly efficient masturbator with no equal. It stimulates across different spectrums, at alternating intensity, and with great consistency.

With controls on the tip and a whole body of soft, resistant material, the ZOLO positions itself at the top of the mastubation chain. It has a combined 21 different settings: 7 thrusting motions plus 14 different vibration settings, way more than your regular masturbator. What’s most special about it is that it is actually squeezable. That means that, on top of all its pleasure-inducing features, you can squeeze it to add yet another layer of pleasure.

The ZOLO Stickshift includes a drying & storage bag.

  • Accommodates all penis tip sizes
  • 21 different settings
  • USB rechargeable
  • Squeezable

A one-of-a-kind masturbator with 21 different settings, squeezable, and incredibly easy to use controls.

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