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CleanStream Deluxe Metal Shower System

CleanStream Deluxe Metal Shower System

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The best results for those ready to commit. Mount this to your shower and always be ready

This is the top-of-the-line system for ultimate cleanliness. It integrates directly into your shower and is always ready when you are. It basically cleans itself and blends well into any moderm bathroom.

The six-foot hose gives you unparalleled freedom. The two different heads allows it to adapt to any situation you find yourself in. The attached knob means you can swap between a shower and an internal cleansing at will. This is the perfect system for cleaning and fun.

The slim attachment is perfect for easy insertion and quick cleaning. The girthier attachement, with 5 inches of insertable length, provides a satisfying thickness. Both provide versatility and options for your ease and pleasure.

  • Shower mounted system with direction knob
  • Two nozzle attachments: narrow (3.5 inches long) and thick (5 inches long)
  • Six foot metal wrapped hose

If you're looking for an enema system that is always there and down for fun, the Cleanstream is for you. Mounted into your shower, it's ready when you are, solo or with a partner.

The metal construction lets it blend into even the most modern bathrooms. It also means this system will last for years to come. No more filling bulbs or constructing complicated systems.

The two nozzles lets you quickly clean, or enjoy a more fulfilling, but cleansing, experience. Alone, or with help, this integrated douche will leave you feeling fresher than you've ever been.

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