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Lifestyles SKYN Large - Non Latex

Lifestyles SKYN Large - Non Latex

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If latex is not your thing and your big dick simply can’t stand the uncomfortable fit of the average condom, then it is time you used Lifestyles’ SKYN Large. Some men simply do not like latex and some are absolutely allergic to it so the alternative is a non-latex condom like the SKYN or perhaps if you are well-endowed the SKYN Large may be the best fit. The SKYN condoms from Lifestyles come in a box of 3 and 12, just in case you want to go for a few rounds. These are thin condoms with non-spermicidal lube so the pleasure will be more intense. Lifestyles makes them from polyisoprene which is superior to latex and a material perfect for allergic individuals. The SKYN Large measures 7.5 inches long and 2.2 inches at the base. Experience sex with your big cock wrapped in a condom, but with SKYN - it’s like you’re not even wearing one.

Flavour No
Material Non-Latex
Length No
Product Code 7627
Manufacturer LifeStyles
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