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Nexus Douche Pro

Nexus Douche Pro

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Cleans your backdoor.

The Nexus Douche Pro makes intimate cleansing easy and simple while providing some sensational prostate stimulation. The two-piece design is made from a combination of plastic and rubber. The curved nozzle and the soft reservoir pump ball screw in together and just like that you have the Nexus Douche Pro. To use, simply fill the 11.16 oz/330 ml ball pump with warm water or your favorite cleansing liquid, screw in the nozzle and you are ready to make that derriere fresh. Take your time and enjoy the prostate stimulation while you are at it.

  • Two-piece design
  • Curved nozzle
  • 360 degree cleansing tip
  • 11.16 oz/330 ml bulb
  • Black

Fresh is fantastic. Get one today.

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Unfortunately I could not give this a use for a full review. The nozzle end will not screw into the bulb section. They are 2 different sizes. The result is stripped plastic and a nonfunctional douche. I’m pretty sure it’s a manufacturer issue as the replacement also had this problem as well. Sleek product and looks like a good time but disappointing on delivery and assembling.

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Thanks for letting us now. Please contact customer service for store credit or a replacement device.