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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Play Zone Ring Toss Kit

Perfect Fit Play Zone Ring Toss Kit

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It would not be a perfect fit if not for the Perfect Fit Play Zone Ring Toss Kit. Although some cock rings are stretchy and sort of fits all, there is just nothing better than having a cock ring that is a perfect fit for you. Forget the old cock ring sizes where there are only 3-5 different sizes. The Perfect Fit Play Zone Ring Toss Kit is a set of cock rings sized from #11 to #19. Each Xact-Fit ring is slightly larger than the next by 0.1" or 2.5mm. You will definitely find one that is just the perfect size for you and your preferred constriction. The new Xact-Fit cock rings will feel different from the usual stretchy rings. Xact-Fit rings are not that stretchy but stretchy enough to be put on with ease compared to putting on a metal cock ring. They are made that way because there is no need for them to overstretch and fit. They slip on easily while maintaining a good grip for constriction. You will love the plush soft touch silicone and the premium quality silicone makes them incredibly strong. You can easily pick the Xact-Fit ring you want just by looking at its size stamped on the side. The Perfect Fit Play Zone Ring Toss Kit storage cone is designed specifically for keeping all your rings organized.

  • Soft premium quality silicone
  • Easy to put on
  • Made in the USA
  • Black
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