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Sport Fucker

Sport Fucker Epic Hard on Kit

Sport Fucker Epic Hard on Kit

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Epic results.

The Sport Fucker Epic Hard on Kit is a set of two cock rings that are differently designed from your ordinary c-ring. These are not the usual round shape and they are made from pure silicone. Similar to a drop of liquid, only inverted, there is a rounded part that goes on top and the pinched part is at the bottom. The semi-oval shaped rings are slightly different in size, one is 1.4" or 35mm and the other is 1.6" or 40mm. The unique design maximizes the constriction to enhance, keep you hard and prolong orgasm.

  • 100% Pure silicone
  • Blue and Black

Oval ring size

  • 1.4" or 35mm
  • 1.6" or 40mm 

Not hard to stay hard, if you get a kit today.

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