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Aneros Eupho Classic Prostate Stimulator

Aneros Eupho Classic Prostate Stimulator

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Get a hold of your very own Aneros Eupho Male Prostate Stimulator and achieve, in what Aneros has nicknamed, “The Super Orgasm”. Aneros has specifically made this product to stimulate the male G-spot or the male prostate. It was designed to reach the Super-O, a male orgasm which is totally worlds apart from the usual orgasm you get from penis stimulation. These powerful orgasms do not use any ammunition when shooting off and they can be repetitive and last for long periods.

The Aneros Eupho Male Prostate Stimulator’s Pro-Tip is part of the magic that makes it all happen, as it zeroes in on the prostate and massages various parts of it, you get to the Super-O. Alone, with a partner or some friends you can enjoy the intense pleasures as you have some fun with the Aneros Eupho Male Prostate Stimulator. It is a quality product with over 1 million sold from a trusted company like Aneros who has revolutionized this genre.

Special Features No Feature
Size N/A
Insertable Length 4 inches
Width 1.6 inches
Color White
Material Plastic
Item Length 5 inches
Product Code 9876-04
Manufacturer No
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