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COLT Camo Over the Door Cuffs

COLT Camo Over the Door Cuffs

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Don’t need dungeon furniture, a door will do.

The COLT Camo Over the Door Cuffs are simple but they work as good as any dungeon furniture restraint. The materials used for this item are nylon, cotton, polyurethane, and iron. The cotton fabric chosen is a durable camo and they also look awesome on the wrist. The cuffs are fully adjustable up to 19 inches. They are also soft and comfortable because they have a PU lining. The velcro secured cuffs with swivel mount clasps can be attached to the o-ring of the adjustable and durable nylon strap that can go up to 29 inches but they can also be detached and you can use them independent of the system. The linked setup can then be anchored above the door with the heavy-duty PMMA dowell. All the heavy duty nickel free hardware will not tarnish so it always looks good.

  • Nylon | Cotton | Polyurethane | Iron
  • Durable camo fabric
  • Durable nylon
  • Heavy-duty PMMA dowell
  • Fully adjustable, ultra-durable, soft, and comfortable straps with PU lining
  • Bar hook for over the door placement
  • Cuffs detach for independent use
  • Velcro closure
  • Swivel mount clasps
  • O-rings
  • Cuffs adjustable to 19”
  • Straps adjustable to 29”
  • Heavy duty nickel free hardware will not tarnish

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