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COLT Camo Thigh Sling

COLT Camo Thigh Sling

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Position perfectly.

The COLT Camo Thigh Sling allows you to position your sub perfectly. It positions the sub for display and opens up the right spots for easy access. It is made from Cotton, Polyurethane, POM Plastic, and Polypropylene. These materials have all been selected to be phthalate free for your safety. The sub will like the soft and comfortable camo restraints and padded PU leatherette sling. It is totally adjustable so you can precisely position your sub the way you like it. It is easy to use and easy to release because the neck and thigh straps have a cinch design.

  • Cotton | Polyurethane | POM Plastic | Polypropylene
  • Phthalate free
  • Soft, comfortable and totally adjustable
  • Thick and durable camo fabric and padded PU leatherette
  • Easy to use and easy to release neck and thigh straps with cinch design
  • Camo


  • 17.25" x 2.25" (Neck Support)
  • 50.5" (Sling Circumference)
  • 34" (Thigh Cuffs Circumference)

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