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ID Juicy Waterbased Lube - 3.8 oz

ID Juicy Waterbased Lube - 3.8 oz

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Pump Up The Pleasure

Juicy Cool Mint is an amazingly delightful flavored lube from one of the most trusted names in personal lubricants, ID. This flavored lube is the perfect way to add a little extra flavor to your slap-and-tickle sessions. Offering all of the velvety smooth glide we've come to expect from ID, this lube has a little extra something going for it in the way of a refreshingly cool flavor of mint. Not only does it taste good, but the mint adds an extra layer of sensation to your oral play by causing a tingly, cooling effect wherever it is applied. It feels as good as it tastes!

Each bottle features an ingeniously designed, air-free pump that guarantees you won't end up with a sticky bottle or that weird crust that you tend to get with most pumpable lubes. This means every drop you pump is as fresh as the first with no loss in potency of lubrication, flavor, or sensation.

  • Water-Based
  • Air-Free Pump
  • Enhances Oral Sensation

Pick up a bottle today and find out just how hot it can get when you cool things down!

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