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Malesation 2" & 4" Penis Extenders

Malesation 2" & 4" Penis Extenders

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Malesation 2" & 4" Penis Extenders Kit Includes Two Penis Extenders With An Anchored Extension In The Tip That Provides A Larger And Realistic –Looking Penis.

  • Enlarges your erection
  • Realistic head and veiny shaft enhances sensations
  • Made from temperature responsive real-feel material

These extenders are unique and have outstanding features such, a smooth and soft surface that will give you a realistic feeling whenever you use them. You can also easily adjust them to have a perfect fit by adjusting the sleeve.

With this extender, you will never want any other extender since it will give multiple orgasms that both you and your lover will keep craving for more. It gives you an option to use either 2 or 4 inches channel of stimulation but whoever you choose, you will be certain that the pleasures will be mind blowing

These penis extenders are ridged with a bulbous tip and have realistic veins. They are also made with stretchy real life material which is temperature responsive meaning that it quickly adjusts to your body temperature. You also enjoy temperature change sensations where you did them warm water for warm sensations and freeze for cold sensations.

The smooth internal canal will hug your erection giving you maximum stimulation and you will swear it feels like the real thing. You can either use it during solo play or with your partner. With this extender, be generous with water-based lube for both the inside and outside surfaces.

When You Buy Our Malesation 2" & 4" Penis Extenders Kit, You Will Receive:

One, ivory or black colored dildo measuring 8”x 2”

Always clean the extension with warm water and a sex toy cleaner after use, and dust with renewal powder to maintain its real quality.

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