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Malesation Nubby Sleeve

Malesation Nubby Sleeve

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Armor in battle is made in various ways and they are often fitted with barbs, bumpy protrusions and more to make their effectiveness as a defensive barrier even better and sometimes become part of the offensive arsenal of a warrior. For a warrior in the sack you can slip into the Malesation Nubby Sleeve and improve your performance. The exterior is bumpy and simply textured to please in a very unique way. It is made from TPR which is soft and phthalate free. The Nubby Sleeve is sure to make you a better knight in the sack with your shiny black cock enhancer.

Special Features No Feature
Material TPR
Item Length 6 inches
Insertable Length 5 inches
Girth No
Color Black
Product Code STR1536
Manufacturer Malestation
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