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Malesation Vibro 8 Cock Ring

Malesation Vibro 8 Cock Ring

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Obtain long lasting and stronger erections with the Malesation Vibro 8 Cock Ring.

  • Powerful bullet that delivers incredible vibrations
  • Made from ABS and TPE material that is hypoallergenic and phthalate free
  • Gives you stronger and harder erections

The Malesation Vibro 8 Cock Ring is made using TPE and ABS. This material is stretchy, made to fit all guys. The Vibro 8 cock ring is placed simultaneously around the penis and balls. It has an ergonomic design, allowing for a perfect fit. The Vibro 8 cock ring will retain blood in your testicles and shaft, giving you long-lasting erections and prolonged ejaculation.

The vibrating bullet delivers powerful stimulation that will give you and your man an intensified sexual experience. The ring is compatible for use by both beginners and experts. You can choose to use the ring during masturbation or foreplay.

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