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Master Series Ringed Monarch Nipple Vice

Master Series Ringed Monarch Nipple Vice

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The Master Series Ringed Monarch Nipple Vice is a nifty training tool that has various erotic applications. These nipple clamps come in pairs and they are shiny and chrome plated. Their beautiful design is reminiscent of a clover leaf and these nipple clamps apply enough pressure to hold really well and they can even hold weights. The application of force or weights on the rings redirects the force to apply more pressure to the clamps and they grip on even tighter.

This cool innovation and engineered design offers the user with plenty of possible naughty applications to choose from. Although these clamps are popularly used for the domination or training of a partner, one could also use them for some sweet solo action. Give yourself or your partner a nasty nipple pinch with the Ringed Monarch Nipple Vice.

Feel the tight pinch and endure for as long as you can and if you can still bear it, put on those weights.

Product Code XREC024
Color White
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