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Max Control Prolong Gel Regular Strength - 1.2 oz

Max Control Prolong Gel Regular Strength - 1.2 oz

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Complete Control.

You’re in control of your orgasm more than ever before. With the Max Control Prolong Gel, Regular Strength, your cock or hole is ready to go the distance. Whether you’re looking to outlast you man or looking to edge for hours, the prolong gel has you covered.

As a temporary topical desensitizer, it works to lower the level of sensitivity you experience. Explore new pleasures in anal play with ease thanks to this gel. Going to work to quickly reduce stimulation you can go harder, for longer in moments.

Impress your man by lasting longer than ever before or edge each other for hours. Enjoy the control you have over your climax and avoid premature ejaculation. This gel works quickly meaning you're ready for action whenever there’s opportunity. Conveniently travel-sized, you can take this desensitizer on your next vacation and blow his mind back at the hotel.

  • 1.2 oz ( 35.48 mL )
  • Desensitizing Gel
  • Toy & Partner Friendly
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