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Max Control Prolong Spray Regular Strength - 1 oz

Max Control Prolong Spray Regular Strength - 1 oz

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Go Slower.

With the Max Control Prolong Spray, Regular Strength, you can enjoy enhanced sexual experiences with prolonged climax. Go slower or harder, maybe a bit of both, no judgement. Last longer than you have before by temporarily reducing sensitivity with this easy to apply spray.

You’ll be more relaxed and sensitive with or without a partner, meaning you can enjoy your favorite toys for longer. You can explore the biggest toys out there for longer and with ease with this temporary, topical desensitizer.

Helping to prevent premature ejaculation or simply helping you edge a gigantic load; this spray offers a lot to any man. Impress you man by last longer in his hole or fuck him as rough as he likes without immediately busting your nut. Even if you’re looking to jack off for hours this weekend, this prolong spray with help you edge for hours.

  • Regular Strength
  • 1 oz
  • Toy and Partner Friendly

Prolong your sexual experiences solo or with a partner and reach an explosive climax.

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