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NS Novelties

NS Novelties Renegade Pleasure Balls

NS Novelties Renegade Pleasure Balls

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The Teasing Pop Of Our NS Novelties Renegade Pleasure Balls During Penetration Will Give You A Mind-Blowing Experience.

  • One ball for fun, two for pleasure, and tree for the gold
  • Overall length of 16 inches with each of the 3 squishy balls being 1.5 inches wide
  • Each of the balls has a smaller fixed ball to keep them from sliding around

The toy is designed in a way that the constant movement of the renegade pleasure balls will give you and your partner a flash. They will weigh down inside you or your partner massaging him internally and make him needy for more sex. They are made of body safe TPR and are easy to maintain making them a perfect accessory for adventurous anal play.

Each ball measures 1.5 inches, and they insert smoothly, gliding easily along the curves of the anal canal. Once you have them inside you, they will cause free-form weights within each ball to jiggle and roll giving you sensations that no toy can give.

It has a long neck of flexible strand that separates each bead and finishes with a big lopped handle. These balls can be removed and be easily manipulated to the position you feel much comfortable. Tug them gently during sex or masturbation and experience the outstanding experience.

These renegade pleasure balls are made of body safe TPR that is phthalate free, waterproof and safe to use with any water based lubricant.

When You Buy Our NS Novelties Renegade Pleasure Balls You Will Receive:

One, ivory or black colored dildo measuring 8”x 2”

Remember that it is NOT recommended to use silicone lubes. Clean with mild soap and water after every use.

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