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Optimale Cock Ring

Optimale Cock Ring

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Looks very simple yet sexy as hell. If you are looking to rock your man's world with an impressively rock hard erection, then the Optimale C Ring will do the trick.

  • Phthalate free and waterproof
  • Made from ultra-smooth premium silicone that doesn’t catch or snag
  • Offers a long-lasting erection during sex

Optimale C Ring 50mm is truly the wedding ring of cockrings. If you want to show your kinky lover how much you love them, then get this stunning ring. This stretchy ring from Doc Johnson can be worn around the balls, the shaft or both for an enhancement that makes you feel firm and full.

This ring allows for long lasting erections you’ve always dreamed of all while prolonging your ejaculation. It provides a firm hold that helps to maintain an erection by trapping blood in the vessels of your penis while providing a unique constrained sensation.

The ring is stretchy and thick and is available in both 50 and 55mm sizes. Clamp it around your testicles to prevent them from retracting upwards towards the body and to give you extra staying power that allows your partner to enjoy every bit of your playtime.

The Optimale C Ring stays in place without slipping and keeps your erection pumped full for an extra thick and firm feeling.

When You Buy Our Optimale C Ring 50mm You Will Receive:

One penis ring measuring 50mm.

This is a great option for first-time sex toy users but also suitable for experienced erection ring users. Only use water based lubricant.

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