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Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender Thin

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Extender Thin

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The latest Perfect Fit Brand Product to come from the Fat Boy Line is the Fat Boy Thin. Perfect Fit created this Fat Boy Extender with a focus on the user but also with the bottom in mind. There are the usual benefits of a penis extender, added girth and length, nubs and ribs inside for cock stimulation but it is also made thinner than most as a consideration for the bottom. It gives the user the usual benefits while being just enough for your partner. You can easily slip it on your staff and then dunk your balls through the hole at the base. This hole where your balls go through serves as the anchor point for the cock sleeve. The Silaskin material, a blend of TPR and silicone, is very stretchy and soft which provides ultimate comfort and pleasure for both the top and bottom. Solo play can also be done and it can function as a stroker. Water-based lubes can be used for this cock sleeve but any use of latex products would be a no-no. Check first before putting any lube on this product. It is not clinically tested so there are no medical claims. It is not for medical use and it is purely for adult entertainment. Remember to wash with mild soap and water after use.

  • Soft and comfortable Silaskin
  • Extends and stimulates
  • Made in the USA
  • Clear and Black
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