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The Sargeant Pump

The Sargeant Pump

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Stand At Attention!

The Sargeant Pump is an Innovatively designed penis pump from the kinky cats at SI Novelties. This pump features a two-finger trigger pump, flexible silicone hose, a clear acrylic chamber and an easy to use quick release valve. Can be used on a case-by-case basis to give you an extra boost to your girth and length, or it can be used regularly for more permanent gains in penis size, as well as increased overall penile health.

  • Increased Penis Size
  • Harder Erections
  • Clear Chamber
  • Two-Finger Trigger Pump Design
  • Soft Silicone Hose

Whether you're looking for a quick boost or a new addition to your penis health regimen, you can't go wrong by picking up this pump. You might also want to pick up a cock ring to prolong the effects of the pump.

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