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Voodoo Get Lucky Score Pure Sport 10 Masturbator

Voodoo Get Lucky Score Pure Sport 10 Masturbator

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Masturbation done right

The guys at Get Lucky say that they “take jacking off seriously”. And it shows: the Score Pure Sport 10 is a fine-tuned machine carefully put together for you to experience the best orgasm possible—every single time.

It looks like maybe a small appliance. Black and silver helps it camouflage as a regular electronic device. But in reality, it is the ultimate masturbator. It is made of ultra soft silicone which is rubbed on the inside to add texture and thus a layer of pleasure.

The number 10 stands for how many vibration settings it has. The best feature, however, is the warming feature. There’s a little button with a fire on it, and if you touch it, the masturbator gradually warms up for you for a cozy, warm, much more realistic sensation.

  • Ultra soft silicone
  • 10 different vibration settings
  • Warming feature
  • Rubbed on the inside

The ultimate masturbator. Rubbed inside, 10 vibration settings, and warming feature. No flaws.

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