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10 Best Men's Sex Toys for Spring 2020

10 Best Men's Sex Toys for Spring 2020

Since we’re all trapped inside and horny as fuck, we’re masturbating more than ever. How does a gay dude make the most of masturbating solo? Sex toys, and lots of em. Yea, there are more than just dildos or cock rings in terms of sex toys for the boys. 

If you aren’t using sex toys already, you’re missing out on more than just dine-in restaurants during the pandemic. Even if you’re quarantining with your man, now’s the perfect time to get a little naughty or a lot idgaf. Maybe the clunky devices of the past have turned you off of sex toys, but I’m here to highlight the best ones on the market. We all want to experience intense orgasms, right? So, it’s time to find the toy that makes you launch jizz rockets again and again. 

What will sex toys do for you? Well, what won’t they do is a better question. They can send all sorts of good sensations to your junk and make busting a nut less of a bore. A sex toy can do a lot of things a sexual partner can’t, like vibrate for starters, which means you can use a lot of these devices with or without your man. And if you’ve never explored your hole before, I’m going to give you a few toy options that’ll turn you into a power bottom!

Ok, I’m skipping ahead a little bit! Maybe you’re not into butt stuff, well if you masturbate, this list is still for you. You’ll be shoveling your loads off the floor after quarantine when this list is over. And if you’re quarantining with a partner, one of you is going to be flooded with load after load. Enjoy! Ok, without further ado, here are the 10 best sex toys for men in Spring 2020 in no particular order.

Bathmate Hydro 7

1. The Bathmate Hydro 7

This penis pump is the next level in male enhancement. The Bathmates are designed to naturally work your cock as if it’s a muscle. You’ll increase dramatically in size in a matter of minutes. I love using this when I really want to destroy my man’s hole. My cock gets thicker and fuller than it normally would, and I even gain length to penetrate him deeply. Some days he can’t even handle it, so it may not be for everyone. 

You can use this in the tub or shower and your cock will grow before your eyes. The built-in ruler will give you an idea for just how big you’re getting, just be careful not to overdo it. Water pumps are much safer than traditional penis pumps so you can just focus on your man-meat getting bigger and bigger. I get so thick my guy can barely deepthroat me without teeth, it’s a big confidence boost in the bedroom.

Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan

2. The Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan

It’s basically a mail-order bottom. With this Fleshlight, you can fuck your favorite pornstar. It’s got his tight little hole and a plethora of textured stimulation for your cock once you pass his entrance. Even if you’re a bottom yourself, you can’t help but enjoy this iconic hunk’s hole. No one likes a bitchy bottom and this one never talks back, you can go balls deep over and over, or whichever you like to stroke one out.

You can adjust the suction power to fine-tune it to your cock’s enjoyment, you can get a really strong pull when you bottom it out and close it, it’ll feel like it’s pulling your cock back inside which is hot as hell. The masturbator responds really well to temperature play so you can enjoy a super cold sensation or use it warm and it’ll almost feel like the real thing. Simply pop it in ice water or warm water and you’re in business after a few minutes.

Sport Fucker Motovibe Rev Cockring

3. The Sport Fucker Motovibe Rev Cockring

What gay man needs bunny ears to tickle a clit? None, and that’s why Sport Fucker took vibrating cock rings up a notch. This seriously powerful cock ring put in the work, whether you’re solo or fucking your man. Cock rings work by trapping blood flow in your shaft which gives you a fuller harder cock. You’ll experience a powerful, veiny erection that you won’t be able to keep your hands or his mouth off of. Then, with the push of a button, you become his vibrating fuck machine.

With ten vibration modes, you can find what works best while soloing and while fucking. Your cock will never be the same. The powerful motor isn’t inserted like a bullet, it’s fuller integrated to ensure you get the best transfer of its powerful sensations. It’s a completely rigid cock ring, so keep that in mind and select the right size for your junk. With a simple USB charger, you can ensure it’s ready whenever you are. It’s even compatible with all your favorite lubes, just wash it with gentle soap and water and dry it before putting it away.

Easy Toys Expander Spreader Bar & Cuffs Set

4. The Easy Toys Expander Spreader Bar & Cuffs Set

A little BDSM never hurt anyone, well in a way they didn’t like. A spreader bar gives you a lot of control over your man without having to learn any fancy knots. Hell, maybe it’s the other way round, you’ll lose all sense of control when he uses this on you. Either way, with a toy like this, it’s easy to imagine all the naughty things you can get up to. Cuff his legs and maybe his hands too, if you’ve got a spare set, and he’ll be forced into a delicious face down ass up pose.

As an intro to BDSM, it doesn’t get much better. You can pair this up with other gear you already own or are wanting to purchase to turn your man into the sub of your dreams. I love seeing his eyes light up when I pull this out of the closet, and there are certainly no complaints from his end. I mean, not that I’d hear them, he’s gagged the moment I’m done cuffing him up. There’s not much he can do to signal me to stop so I have full control to fuck him silly.

b-Vibe Vibrating Weighted Snug Plug

5. The b-Vibe Vibrating Weighted Snug Plug

A powerful vibrating butt plug can do wonders for your solo play or for the adventurous top in your life. I love wearing a plug when I’m fucking my man and with this plug’s powerful vibrations, it’s hard to keep from busting my load. You’ve got 4 vibration speeds and 6 modes to choose from to ensure you get the pleasure you’re looking for. He’ll even enjoy some of the sensations when you’re balls deep in his hole. 

The flexible shaft of this butt plug ensures you can wear it comfortably for hours. You’ll feel it shift and rub your prostate with its powerful vibrations as you move. It’s the perfect toy to explore mild anal play that’s sure to hit all the right spots. You’ll get to enjoy a feeling of fullness and waves of pleasure from the vibrations. It comes in a 1.2” and 1.69” diameter so you can pick the size that works for you. 

Nexus Simul8 Plug

6. The Nexus Simul8 Plug

An ass-lock will open up your world of sexual desires. Designed to pleasure your hole with a butt plug that’s attached to a cock ring, this vibrating ass lock is even ergonomically designed. It sends powerful vibrations deep into your prostate and it also has a motor specifically to stimulate your perineum. You’ll feel the vibrations from this toy in your cock and balls with the attached double cock ring.

This toy has an insane amount of versatility, with 48 vibration combinations you’ll find a new way to add flavor to your solo time every day. Plus, it’s the perfect toy for getting head or fucking a tight hole. With each stroke, bump, or really any movement of your cock you’ll feel a tug at your back door. You’re gonna be driven wild by this toy, just try and save some juice for after quarantine!

LELO Loki - Prostate Vibrator

7. The LELO Loki - Prostate Vibrator

I’m a big fan of prostate massagers. Buying a vibrating prostate massager will change your sex life forever. Say goodbye to boring foreplay and hello to powerful vibrations. You can insert this toy into your hole and only use it for milking your prostate or you can easily get more creative. Stimulate his perineum (taint) with this toy’s powerful vibrations and you’ll basically be hitting his prostate from another direction.

I love incorporating prostate massage into oral play. Whether I’m sucking his cock or rimming his hole, the powerful vibrations add a world of sensation. It’s always fun to have something in your hole when getting head and vibrations are a huge plus. You can even use it to stimulate his shaft and around his cock, fuck it, tease his nipples and pits too, he deserves it!

Jaxx Hammer 2.0 Rechargeable Sex Machine

8. The Jaxx Hammer 2.0 Rechargeable Sex Machine

If you’re up for it, rock your world with a powerful sex machine that never tires out. You can go round after round with this fella and he’ll never tell you ‘just five more minutes’. You have a stud that can fuck you like a bunny for hours on end. The thick, veiny shaft will stimulate your hole with every thrust. With a powerful suction base that can be angled to hit the right spots, it’s a wonder there’s even a need for husbands and boyfriends anymore.

You can enjoy a fuck train without the drama of bringing a third home. If you’re really wild you could even try double penetration, whoever’s topping is going to enjoy the veins rubbing his cock too! Whatever you do with this toy, you’ll be sure to keep coming back to it. With easy to use button control, you’ll find what works for you intuitively.

Sir Richards Control Silicone Rim Joy

9. The Sir Richards Control Silicone Rim Joy

Does your jaw get tired after rimming his hole for hours? Gone is that worry. When you’re tuckered out, or if you just wanna suck his cock, this rimming toy delivers oral pleasure like it’s going out of style. Maybe you’re just not into rimming but your guy could have had hole eaten until his legs shake, then this is the toy you need to buy.

It’s waterproof and travel-sized, so you can take it anywhere. With different speeds, vibration modes, and even a warming feature, this silicone tongue won’t stop until the job is done. If you’re alone during quarantine, order yourself this little treat and your hole will thank you. It’s the perfect toy if you’re looking to surprise him with an extra tongue.

Master Series Violator 13 Mode XL Dildo Thruster

10. The Master Series Violator 13 Mode XL Dildo Thruster

Never has a toy made me precum just thinking about it. A large thrusting dildo is my favorite therapy. Boring stationery dildos may as well just stop manufacturing because this toy puts them completely out of use. You have 13 unique modes to pleasure your hole with. Well, realistically the modes are designed to destroy your hole like a hung power top. Plus, the handle makes it easy to use solo or with a friend.

This toy is not for the faint of heart, but we’ve all got the time to work up to things right now, so I recommend giving it a try. Once you feel its amazing vibrations you’ll be blown away and once it gets thrusting you might not even be able to handle the pleasure. I wasn’t kidding when I said therapy, you will be humbled by this toy whether you like it or not! If ever there was a toy that identified as a dom it would be this guy.

With these sex toys, quarantine is a lot easier to handle. You’ve got cock-pleasing and ass-destroying toys alike to choose from, so take your pick. There’s something on this list to please everyone.

Men's Sex Toys for Spring 2020

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