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10 Best Prostate Toys for Winter 2021

10 Best Prostate Toys for Winter 2021

2020 has been, I think we all can agree, a total shit show mess of a year. And nobody likes a messy bottom! While summer moves to fall and we are left with only a few more months of this ratchet year, head back indoors for someone on one time with yourself. Whether you and your community are facing another lockdown or not, lock down some love time for you and your most precious sexual organ: your asshole.

As the weather cools down, head into your bedroom, dip under the covers, and give your booty the TLC it deserves. Adam’s Toy Box has compiled the ultimate list of the 10 best prostate toys for winter 2021, with a spotlight on butt plugs, so treat yo’ damn self and that hot ass of yours to some perfect pleasure this autumn.

B Vibe - Vibrating Remote Control Rimming Butt Plug

1. B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug: $150

Honey, we are going to kick off this collection with a state of the art piece of anal love machinery MADE for taking you to the orgasmic stratosphere. You may never go back to the real thing again after having the B Vibe inside your anal cavity. With over an hour of uninterrupted butt play on a single USB charge, you can go to town on your ass with this incredible butt plug. There are five different speeds with 6 different vibration settings. And get this: the B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug has been designed with beads that simulate getting your salad tossed! That’s right: the Rimming in the name comes from these beads that feel like a real human tongue—right up your keister. Waterproof and totally submersible, you can take this mofo anywhere. The added treat is the remote control that can operate this incredible butt plug from across the room. So your partner can give your ass a go, too.

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

2. Colt Anal Trainer Kit: $25

Not everyone is an anal connoisseur. Some of us still have our training wheels on when it comes to back door entertainment and stimulation. Lucky for you, adult film and sex toy industry leader Colt has the perfect butt plug set to introduce any novice to the world of anal play via butt plugs. The Colt Anal Trainer Kit comes with three unique sized butt plugs, so you can start out small, and eventually work your butt up to some deeper, girthier exploration. The tapered head and flat base make insertion a snap, in whatever position is most comfortable for you. Made of body safe PVC, you can use whichever lubricant you love with these toys—be it silicone or water-based lubes—and clean up is super easy with some light soap and water.

Ram Inflatable Vibrating Anal Expander

3. Ram Inflatable Vibrating Anal Expander in black: $30

When it comes to the ultimate one stop shop for butt play, we have a winner with the Ram Inflatable Vibrating Anal Expander. It fits snuggly inside your bum, then you pump it full of air to fill your anal cavity with as much girth and expansion as you desire. This butt plug also vibrates, adding maximum pleasure to an already heightened experience. Stretch your mind and your hole to all new levels with this anal expander, meant to widen you up. The Ram Inflatable Vibrating Anal Expander is a butt plug made of PVC, latex, and phthalate-free, body safe materials, so washing has never been easier. 

Icicles No. 25 Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug

4. Icicles No. 25 Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug: $34

Now, I know what you are thinking: it’s easy to be skeptical about owning a glass sex toy. There’s always this absurd fear that it could somehow break and splinter off shards of glass inside of you. AS IF! You don’t EVER have to worry about anything other than taking an ass load of pleasure up your butt with the Icicles No. 25 Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug. This anal massager is hand made of extra thick, non splintering glass. It’s body safe and can be cooled or heated to maximize the amount of pleasure you get. The glass is 100% body safe, and this butt plug makes clean up super easy with its seamless design. Forget your fears and take the plunge with the Icicles No. 25 Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug.

Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Medium

5. Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Medium: $28

While some could argue that this cute little guy looks like a long lost sexual Smurf, the truth is that the Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Medium is a must-have for any anal lovers sex toy collection. The name is as the act implies: this is a plug meant for those that love sex as an Olympic sport. Designed with an interior three chambers, you’ll feel a knocking sensation against your prostate that hits the P-spot every time, for maximum enjoyment. You can rattle the plug to know you’ll be rattling your insides with joy. Made of smooth, silky silicone, care for this plug is easy as it is insertable. You’ll love the 4.5 inches of insertable length and the ball’s girth of 2 inches around to really open you up for the pleasure of the plug.

Porn Hub Turbo Butt Plug

6. Porn Hub Turbo Butt Plug: $72

Now, when it comes to the adult entertainment industry, no online streaming porn service stands higher than Porn Hub. (Who could ever forget the free upgrade they gave the public at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic?) Not wanting to disappoint, Porn Hub has created an incredible butt plug meant for the gay boy longing to have his anal experience be phenomenal. The sleek, seamless, ergonomic design slides right into your anal cavity without much effort. Then, turn it to one of the amazing 6 vibration settings. With more than an hour of “go time” on a single USB charge, you’ll have this bad boy zipping, buzzing, and humming inside you for some of the best orgasms of your life. The Porn Hub Turbo Butt Plug is made of silicone and is 100% waterproof, so the ride of your life can be enjoyed in any setting!

Blush Spark Ignition PRV-03 - Carbon Fiber

7. The Blush Spark Ignition PRV-03 Carbon Fiber: $34

Blush has become world-renowned with some amazing gay sex toys and products. The Spark Ignition PRV-03 Carbon Filter is of no exception. This butt plug is a three-in-one toy, meant to provide stimulation and ultimate satisfaction when it comes to anal play. There are 10 different vibration settings on this beast, so get ready for some intense orgasms along the way. Specifically designed to hit your P-spot, this carbon fiber toy’s body is wrapped in 100% silicone, making it one of the most durable toys on the market. The removable inner chamber or vibrating bullet can be removed or used together with this toy for the ultimate anal thrills. The Blush Spark Ignition PRV-03 Carbon Fiber will fulfill you and keep you CUMMING back for more.

Forto F-42 Plug - One Size Black

8. Forto F-42 Plug One Size Black: $28

They say that once you buy this butt plug, it is the only plug you’ll ever want or need. Not one, not two, but three different rings of pleasure await your butt with this lavish toy meant to reach areas of your anal cavity you never knew were reachable. With 6.5 inches of insertable wonderment, you’ll be digging your claws into your covers and biting your pillow in absolute pleasure. With an easy grip handle, you can keep this inside you for however long you want without it slipping out of your back side. Made of 100% silicone, this toy is hand washable and completely waterproof and those three rings were meant for his pleasure. Check out the Fort F-42 Plug One Size Black.

Mr. Play Phallic Vibrating Anal Plug

9. Mr. Play Phallic Vibrating Anal Plug: $50

Some of you queens don’t like anything in your butt unless it closely resembles a dick. For those into penis-shaped plugs, this one is for you! This cock-shaped design on the Mr. Play Phallic Vibrating Anal features 5 insertable inches in length to hit your P-spot where it counts. This plug has 12 vibrating and speed mode settings, and a sleek and stylish remote control to operate on your own or with a partner. It takes two AA batteries to power this butt plug beast, and the toy is completely waterproof—enjoy it in the shower, pool, or any other wet place. Made of silicone, the Phallic Vibrating Anal Plug is body safe and clean up is a breeze.

Master Series Dark Drop Metal & Silicone Beaded Anal Plug

10. Master Series Dark Drop Metal Silicone Beaded Anal Plug: $33

Hold the phone: a metal and silicone toy? Now that is a game changer. While the conjoined concept of involving these two materials might be foreign to you, trust that there is no other butt plug quite like this extra stimulating butt plug. Meant for use with water-based lubricants only, the Master Series Dark Drop Metal silicone Beaded Anal Plug is dual beaded, which means your ass hole gets to wrap around two balls of joy instead of just one. This butt plug is weighted, so you’ll be hitting your P-spot in al the right places. Made from nickel-free and phthalate-are materials, this seamless butt plug is a must for any anal experts sex toy arsenal. 

Prostate Toys for Winter 2021

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