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10 Best Sex Toys For Men, According to Customer Feedback

10 Best Sex Toys For Men, According to Customer Feedback

When you’re buying sex toys, the last thing you want is a terrible product. You don’t want some marketing mumbo-jumbo about how great this giant dong is gonna feel as it’s rearranging your insides. Though, that does sound like a good read!

Sex toys are a dime a dozen, and shitty ones are much easier to find. It can take a lot of browsing to find just the right toy for the job. I'd say I spend a good chunk of time every year shopping for toys online, comparing sites, and even local shops. Heck, I’ll check out sex shops when I’m travelling too because you never know what you can find!

Sex Toys For Men

If you want the best sex toys for men, you need to hear from men. You need to know why they think it’s so great and what they use it for. You have to see if it lines up with what you’re into and what you want to use the toy for. Sex toys do all sorts of different things, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Not to mention all the nuances that men find with toys when they’re trying to get maximum pleasure!

It goes without saying that a large portion of these toys are going to be heavily butt oriented, but don’t worry, there’s a thing or two on this list that will treat your cock just right, daddy. So, here’s the list of the best sex toys for men according to our customer feedback!

 Colt Prowler

1. Colt Prowler

This is a toy that’s easy for anyone to use. Whether you’re a super tight top or a seasoned power bottom, this is a fantastic, powerful toy. The sleek design means insertion is a breeze, which is crucial for beginners. The powerful bullet sends waves of pleasurable vibrations into your hole. This is a seriously impactful toy. Almost everyone says they’re ‘Very Pleased’ with it, because it’s hard not to be. If you’re up for it, it also makes a fantastic double stuffing toy for when you’re in the double anal penetration mood. Since it has such a slick design it’s easy to fit in alongside a cock, even in the tightest bottom.

Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Prostate Massager

2. Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Prostate Massager

This would be much of a men’s sex toy list if I didn’t mention a prostate massager at least once. And this one takes the cake! The textured tip is amazing on your prostate and the powerful vibrations will give a boost to your orgasms. I say orgasms as a plural because you won’t be putting this bad boy down for a few loads, at least. The curve of this toy is just right to make your solo anal play experience seamless because it hits that delicious spot so easily. You’ll easily find your favourite combo of vibrations to shoot your shot with a few touches of a button.

Curve Novelties Jock Dong 10" with Balls

3. Curve Novelties Jock Dong 10" with Balls

No here’s a dildo for some intense gut remodeling. For those who love a good DIY, there’s no need to hire a hung escort to fuck your hole just right. Honestly, just bottoming out on this toy is enough to make you cum hands-free! It feels amazing and almost lifelike aside from the absurd size. You’ll be taking every inch of this dong every chance you get. And like its namesake, this Jock will use you for its pleasure and leave you begging for more every time. There are not many dildos I drool over, but this is sure one! It’s exciting any time I see it brought out for my nights as the sub.

Crystal Jellies Dildos - Ballsy Cock

4. Crystal Jellies Dildos - Ballsy Cock

Another fantastic large dildo is the Ballsy Cock. The balls on this thing are to die for, huge, firm, and squeezable. The dildo actually has a good give to the material, meaning almost any position is fuckable. Throw on the insanely strong suction cup and you can ride this bad boy until your hole sounds more like a motorcycle muffler than anything else. The head on this toy is unreal, it has bounce and flex to the glans that’s just like a rock-hard cock. You’ll be amazed as soon as the head pops past your entrance and you won’t want to take him out until you’ve busted your nut. Hell, take him out, blow your load on the toy, and ride him out with your cum as lube for another load! Now that’s some good bottom slave advice!

Boy Butter Original

5. Boy Butter

Every good sex toy list needs a good lube. Without it, most of these toys would be impossible to use! If you’re looking for a way to spice things up, lube will help you take a cock or ride a toy easier and with less friction. Boy Butter is a classic, long-lasting lube designed for butt stuff. So if you want a creamy, sensual lube that goes the distance, then you’re in luck. I also love the fact that when it’s in use it’s like fucking a cum dump that’s been left whimpering after an orgy. The lube gets slick on your meat but has a consistency that looks a little like cum. Creamy lubes are a shift for most guys, but it can be seriously hot! Invest in a lube injector to really fill your bottom up with ‘load’s so you can fuck his cream-filled hole!

Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator - Ft. Fleshlight

6. Fleshlight

Again, another must-have on a men’s sex toy list, the classic Fleshlight. Things have advanced over the years, but there’s nothing like the masturbators. Whether you’re stroking it solo, mutually masturbating, or riding a cock and stroking with this toy, no one’s judging, I’m a little jealous of that last group though. Guys like Fleshlights, plain and simple. They have a fantastic feel to their sleeves and the textured tunnels have been carefully considered before release. They even make ones that specifically mimic the tightness of a butthole to give us gays something other than a pocket-pussy to use. They even make a double opening, travel-sized one so you and your man can fuck it from either end for an unreal docking experience.

Sex Flesh Both Ways Ben Masturbator

7. Sex Flesh Both Ways Ben Masturbator

My boy Ben, here, is ready for whatever you through at him. People love the duality of this toy, the ridable cock and fuckable bubble-butt. There’s really nothing else like him out there. With over seven inches of insertable length, Ben is hung and ready for penetration. You can pose his cock in whatever way is gonna please you best without worrying about breaking your man’s dick! Then when you’re ready to fuck his hole, there’s no squirming away from your cock. Ben is there ready and begging to be seeded by your throbbing cock just as much as you are ready to fuck that bussy up.

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

8. Colt Anal Trainer Kit

If you’re just starting with butt play, this is a great set to help warm you up to having your hole stuffed with dongs and cocks. Work your way from ½” to two full inches in width all with one set. The shaft of each toy also increased in thickness, so this really is the beginner set. The biggest toy is really where it’s at. Once you’ve trained your booty, you’ve got a fantastic, above-average butt plug to pleasure your hole whenever you need. This isn’t the average kit where you have to upgrade once you’re used to it. The large toy really is worth the purchase on its own. The toys can be used for a warm-up before a sex marathon or the top can use them when they get close to climax to edge away from cumming before everyone is ready.

Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring

9. Tantus 1.5" Supersoft C Ring

This wouldn’t be much of a men’s list without a cock ring. This cock ring is super stretchy so it’s easy to get on and off. You’ll also notice that the wide of this cock ring helps keep it in place. The width also makes it a lot more comfortable to wear if you’re a fan of walking around with a bulging package. Honestly, I love wearing this when I freeball at the gym. Definitely get some inquiring looks! The flat design of this cock ring also prevents it from rolling over and shifting unintentionally. You’ll find that this will be your go-to cock ring even if you have loads of others. The ease of use and smart design makes it a must-have in the top drawer of your nightstand.

Bathmate Hydro 7

10. Bathmate Hydro 7

I’ll pretty much also plug this pump, but it’s a hit amongst the whole crowd too! What guy wouldn’t mind have a bigger cock? Traditional air pumps can be extremely unsafe so the makers of Bathmate designed a negative pressure pump that expels water and sucks your cock to a bigger and fuller erection. Seriously, I gain an inch in length and over an inch in girth with minimal effort! This thing will turn his head with a snap as your man-meat is flopping around, swollen with imminent pleasure. I challenge you to try and hide your cock after using this thing because if your cock is as responsive to it as mine is, then a lucky hole is in for one hell of a treat!

Word of mouth is the best advertising, and occasionally word of booty is pretty good too! Hopefully, you’ve found a new gem or two to try out!

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