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10 Places to Have Public Sex

10 Places to Have Public Sex

Unless you’re in Berlin or at Folsom Street Fair/ Dore Alley Festival, or at a bath house/sex club, public sex is just a little bit taboo and can carry with it strict punishments. Like years in prison and registering as a sex offender if you get caught, for instance. Still, the thrill of the chase and of getting caught is a fetish for many people, and public sex is making a cumback. Sex in public just has to be done the right way. 

Everyone loves a good kink, you just gotta be smart about having sex in public and where you execute getting it on in public. Have a general idea of where you are going and how it’s going to play out. Then always make a back up plan and escape root just in case you need to flee the scene quickly. Sex in public is quite the renegade act, if you think about it. 

Have no fears about fucking in front of others and with others. Be smart, be vigilant, and have yourself some wild public sex in these best-advised places for getting off without getting caught. 

Public Sex Construction site.

1. Construction site. 

There’s something super duper sexy about construction guys. Ripped studs swinging sledge hammers and using their arms and thick legs to manhandle a building into formation. Live your best construction fantasy life at a construction site near you. There’s always some dark areas where two horny men will be able to find to fuck each other. Be careful of loose nails and screws, beams, and the old guy security guard companies often hire to guard the site. Jackhammer each other, lay your pipes, set a good foundation, and get your freak on in a construction site nearby. Get nailed, just be wearing of the loose nails. 

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2. Church.

Father, forgive me for I have sinned! Is there any place more sinfully scandalous and sexy as gay sex in a church? Sneak off during Sunday service or during church choir practice break. A safe place you can escape to is the men’s room or organ room, as both frequently have locking doors. You can pray for your sins later as communion takes on a whole new meaning in a house of worship. You’ll be calling out for the holy spirit getting it on in random parts of the church. Those wooden pews aren’t great, but there is something hot about having sex in the congregation area of a church where spiritual services are held. So I’d the church pews come passed, you’ve got yourself a make shit bed or padding for your partner to lay or kneel on. We’re going to hell, kids! Amen. 

Public Sex Beach

3. Beach. 

There’s that scene in From Here to Eternity where you were just itching for the leads to rip each other’s clothes off and start smashing right there on the beach. Is there any place more romantic than having sex on the beach? There’s even a cocktail named after the act. You’re already half naked, enjoying each other’s sun kissed bodies during the day. Take a long romantic walk along the beach at night to find the best spot for a public sex putting. The waves crashing, palm tree silhouettes, and the stunning ocean help create the perfect scene for a late night hump under a full moon. Let the tide wash over you, but don’t get taken out to see. And be careful not to get sand in your foreskin.


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4. Woods/Park.

The OG cruising spot, men have been heading to the woods and hooking up in parks since the dawn of man kind. There’s no better public hookup spot during the day than a thicket of trees in a massive city park or in the middle of the woods. Both allow you to see in all directions for nearly a mile, guaranteeing you won’t get caught. The thought that anyone could technically see you fully engaged in anal sex in broad daylight is quite the thrill. Become one with nature again by having some butt sex in the woods. It’s about as natural for two gay men to have sex in the woods as homosexuality is found in mammals. Go back to your animalistic roots. 

Public Sex in the Cemetry

5. Cemetery.

For all you Nightmare Before Christmas-loving, goth inspired queens out there, you’ve got to try getting it on at a cemetery. Lots of dark corners, twists and turns for some delicious debauchery, cemeteries straddle the line between romantic and morbid for a place to fuck. Typically gorgeously laid out plots of land with sculptures, mausoleums, tombstones, and water features, cemeteries are often quite beautiful. Just be over the fact that there are dead bodies rotting underneath you. Spooktacular sex under the moonlight just might be the thing to really turn you on and rock your socks off. 

6. Parking lot.

Drive your car up to the roof of or to the basement of a car parking lot. You’ll be able to find some seclusion and privacy in whatever business center you’re in, enough for romp in the car or squeezed between two employee vehicles out of sight. You can even strategically park your car in a corner of the garage to give yourselves some cover from being spotted by someone passing by. Or stay in the car and get things steamy from within your ride. Isn’t car sex the ultimate public sex? Picture Kate Winslet in Titanic slamming her steamy hand against the car window in a vehicle full of sex...except for gay. 

Public Sex in the Gym Locker

7. Gym Locker Room:

It’s been a fantasy of yours since high school when all the older jocks would strip naked and shower off in the locker room. Relive a teenage dream fantasy and shack up in your gym locker room. Locker rooms make great set up for fun fantasy role playing, like coach player, two jock jerk off race, training to be MVP, and more. Get all hot and sweaty like true athletes in the locker room before humping each other. Go through the entire fantasy of stripping down for one another and showing off your stud muscles to each other. When you’re ready, show the other you’re the strongest gaythlete in school or show coach who is ready to become a man.

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8. Hotel Lobby Bathroom. 

Most fancy hotel lobby bathrooms in 2020 and beyond have fully stocked and set up restrooms virtually made for hookups. Floor to ceiling private stalls ensure no one can do the peak-a-boo and catch you in the act. There’s typically so many people around that the concierge won’t notice two horny gay guys going into the look to bang one out. Just don’t make any moaning noises or get busted behaving badly in the bathroom. While the risk factor may be high, so is the thrill of it all. Wait until the coast is clear, then one by one head into the hotel lobby loo, ready to have some hot A Quiet Place sex. There’s something raunchy but sexy about bathroom sex and in a hotel lobby bathroom, you know it will be clean and well maintained.

Public Sex in the Pool

9. Pool House/Room.

The great thing about most pool rooms and pool houses is they have showers so guests can rinse off. A lot can go down in a pool house shower, more than just rinsing off some chlorine. Like the locker room above, you can relive all kinds of fantasy, my favorite being the hot speedo-clad swimmers ready to show off some strokes in the pool room. Go for a few laps in the pool until your bodies are soaked and glistening. Then take that pent up sexual energy into the pool house where you can get it on in public, with a little bit of privacy. Tom Daley: eat your heart out! 

10. Back Alley.

Sex in the city isn’t always easy to have, especially when you’re a public sex thrill seeking looking to fuck in the middle of a city. You’re typically forced to bring your trade home or not get too adventurous with the getting caught ratio. But if you do want to be extra scandalous, think about hooking up in a back alley in the middle of a city. You’ve got to really suss out the scene, guaranteeing you won’t be bugged by homeless crackheads or cops out trying to fill ticket quotas. Head back between two buildings to a location hidden but lit enough so it’s still scandalous. Find some dark corner spot in the alley where no one can see you two, but you have the clear vantage point in case anyone heads your way. 

Go get your freak on out in public. Just do it wisely and discretely.

Public Sex

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