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10 Signs a Guy is JUST That Into You

10 Signs a Guy is JUST That Into You

How can you ever really tell if a guy is into you? Men are mysterious beasts who don’t often share their feelings with emotions even when they are in love with you. We don’t always admit it, but we feel love and affection just like our female counterparts. So how can you really ever know when a guy is just THAT into you?

You’re the first person he messages in the morning and the last one he hits up at night.

1. You’re the first person he messages in the morning and the last one he hits up at night. 

When a guy takes the time to reach out when he wakes up or before he goes to bed, that is a clear indicator that you’ve been on his mind. He wants to connect with you first thing in the day and right before he heads to dreamland. You’re the one he has been thinking of. He wants to connect and has the follow through to hit you up. It’s a clear indicator that you’ve been on his mind and that he really is into you. He’s reaching out, so he wants to connect.

2. He takes interest in your hobbies and things that make you happy.

A sure sign you’ve got a fellow interested in you is when he takes up interests in what brings you joy. This says that he is looking to relate with you on a new level and appreciate the things you do. While you don’t need him necessarily picking up every single hobby you enjoy, it is nice to find a guy willing to educate himself about the things he doesn’t know that you find enjoyable. 

Someone who does his due diligence in order to better understand what makes YOU tick is someone who you want to keep around for a while. Who doesn’t want a guy as invested in what interests them as you are? You’ll know he really is just that into you when he becomes an expert at what thrills and enthralls you.

3. He wants to get to know your loved ones. 

For a lot of guys, meeting a boyfriend’s parents, family, or BFF is a huge undertaking that can be super stressful. If a guy cares enough about you that he wants to meet the most important people in your life, he is definitely into you. Very few people ever deliberately put themselves in the lion’s den of people they don’t know who might have pre-determined opinions about them. 

If he is asking to meet them and welcome them into his life, it’s indicative of him being someone you might want to keep around for a while. A guy that wants to be a part of your loved one’s lives is someone that is into you. He is a keeper if he goes as far as wanting to meet and include these people in his life as well.

He’s the one asking you to hang out all the time.

4. He’s the one asking you to hang out all the time. 

It can be really annoying when you can’t stop thinking about a guy and are wanting to see him all the time. But if he is the one always wanting to hang out, and always wanting to see you, there is probably more there than him simply being bored. He is wanting to take time out of his life and his schedule to see you and be with you. That says a lot in a day and age when folks are super busy and preoccupied in their own worlds. 

If he is wanting to hang out all the time with you, he is most likely into you and your company. Don’t make him do all of the work, but it should be noted when he does make the effort and when he doesn’t.

5. He’s willing to compromise. 

This is a big one. Not all guys have the fortitude to compromise and meet you halfway. If your guy is willingly able and wanting to compromise with you, that says he respects you, your opinion, and the way you do things enough to see it from your side. While no one likes a push over, solid relationships are founded on the basis of a rock solid foundation of trust and compromise. 

That’s really what a relationship is: a series of compromises and give and takes between two folks who love one another. If your boo or boyfriend is wanting to compromise, look at it as a good sign he likes you a lot and is willing to go the distance. 

Finding the best path through events and challenges that you both can agree on is a sign of a healthy relationship.

6. He doesn’t shy away from affection. 

On the couch, in the car, while out shopping—your guy wants to hold your hand and have physical contact with you. He cuddles you or wants to be cuddled at night. When he is around you, it’s a hand on the small of your back. He wants to touch you, he wants to be with you, and he has no problems showing that by wanting to actually physically connect with you.

Especially in regard to public displays of affection. A guy who is into you will want to feel his man and will do so by touching you. Not everyone is into that much PDA or physical contact, so don’t judge your guy if he isn’t too into affectionate touching. A little bit goes a long way, however, so look for those moments he reaches out and does touch you, even if it is the slightest, smallest gesture.

He makes an extra effort with you.

7. He makes an extra effort with you.

Whether it’s your dates or just simple spending time hanging out, the phone calls he makes or the texts he sends, just to check in, it’s likely you have a winner on your hands in terms of finding a guy that is just that into you. People who aren’t into you don’t go the extra mile just to reach out and connect with you. 

It’s those little extra gestures that really do make all the difference in the world in terms of a guy acknowledging that he is into you. These don’t have to be grand gestures like buying you flowers all the time or sending you love letters. But learning your schedule and doing things that go the extra mile are examples of behaviors that lean toward the reality that he is just that into you.

8. He’s great at being open and honest with you. 

A lot of fellows have trouble opening up and being truly, 100% honest with their spouses. A sign that your guy is really into you is his level of openness and honesty with you. We all have naughty little self habits, traits we are embarrassed or shy about, and skeletons in our closet. 

If he is willing and able to bare his soul and confess his deepest, darkest secrets to you, the chances are that he loves you and trusts you. Take this as a big sign he is serious about his feelings for you. Honest and integrity are fundamentals and prerequisites for sustaining a solid, healthy relationship. 

The truth, as they say, will set you free. Truth, honesty, and integrity are all indicators from your guy he is willing to own up to his reality and make you aware of everything that entails.

9. He holds onto sentimental items or gets you sentimental gifts. 

Sentimentality is a real, true sign that a guy likes you and cherishes the time you two spend together. That teddy bear you won at the state fair, that love letter you wrote him, that card you gave him—all these are sentimental items, that, if kept by him, are signs he wants to hold onto the memories you guys made together. 

Just make sure he isn’t a hoarder who simply clings to EVERYTHING from the past. This also goes for when he gets you something. If he is buying cutesy gifts that have sentimentality or are exemplary of times you’ve spent or memories you have made together, he is most definitely into, and wanting to hold onto physical manifestations of the moments you shared.

I love you.

10. He says, I love you. 

Honey, if you need any further sign that your guy is feeling you, big time, it is when he actually utters those three magic words. Telling someone “I love you” is an important next step in any serious relationship. You’ll know your guy is really into you when he says them. But just don’t force it, push it, or expect it. 

The “I love you” should come naturally and openly, like a next natural progression in your relationship. Hopefully, these will be uttered in the most natural, all-of-a-sudden manner that might even take you by surprise. If you’re open to the possibility of loving someone who is clearly as into you as you are him, the best response back is: “I love you, too!”

What are some other signs that a guy is truly into you? Comment below!

Signs a Guy is JUST That Into You

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