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10 Top Anal Strokers For Gay Guys

10 Top Anal Strokers For Gay Guys

A good stroker is a trusty friend on a lonely night and an excellent addition to any foreplay shenanigans. Different strokers come in different styles, some meant to recreate the feeling of vaginal intercourse and others for oral and anal. The major difference with anal strokers is that they tend to have a slightly recessed, puffier entry point to add some extra cushion for the pushin' and a hole that's butthole-tight.

Anal Strokers For Gay Men

If that sounds like something you'd be into (who wouldn't be?), this list of our ten favorite anal strokers has everything you need to know to find a handy helper to add a little extra pepper to whatever sexy soup you're cooking up.


 Ur3 Quickie-To-Go - Ass

10- Ur3 Quickie-To-Go - Ass

This is an excellent budget stroker that's a great starting point for first-time buyers. It's small, yet accommodating. It's made from a soft, skin-like material that's a lot like Cyberskin. It's got a nicely contoured texture on the outside that helps you grip it better and control the degree of pressure inside the sleeve.

The hole is nice and tight because the whole unit is so compact, but it stretches out nicely. It's a decent stroker at a great price.


 Funzone Vulcan Ripe Anus

9- Funzone Vulcan Ripe Anus

This is another great budget stroker that's great for guys who value discretion or are looking for a good, low-level endurance training unit. It's got an open-ended design that's a little too small for guys over 6.5 inches. Any bigger than that, you will probably be poking out of the other end when you stroke.

The internal texture of the sleeve features rounded bumps that are spaced pretty generously for a mellowing sensation. That's why we recommend this unit as an endurance trainer starter. It doesn't over-stimulate so it's a perfect jumping-off point.

If you're looking for a decent budget stroker that's mellow, discreet, and sized for the average guy, this is the way to go.


 Colt Hot Hole Male Masturbator

8- Colt Hot Hole Male Masturbator

This is an extremely innovating design because it produces heat but isn't a powered unit. This is great because heated strokers tend to run into the high-mid to upper price ranges while this unit falls squarely into the lower end of the middle price range. Adding to that value, you have to also factor in the fact that it is made from PureSkin®, a proprietary silicone blend that is one of the more realistic on the market.

The only major drawback to this design is the closed end which makes it slightly more of a hassle to clean and might not work out for guys who are swingin' big lumber. But a warm, wet hole at a great price is nothing to sneeze at if those factors don't bother you too much.


 Porn Hub Anal Ribbed Stroker

7- Porn Hub Anal Ribbed Stroker

This is a quality mid-range stroker with a basic, bare-bones design that still manages to get the job done quite nicely. While it is a basic design, it does have one trick up its sleeve. It has an insertion point for a vibrating bullet to add some extra razzle-dazzle.

That, combined with an intense ribbed interior and a snug fit come together in a nice mid-range stroker that won't fail to please.


 CyberSkin Stealth Anal Stroker

6- CyberSkin Stealth Anal Stroker

This is another stroker made out of an uncommonly realistic-feeling material called CyberSkin. This material is more rip-resistant than many other proprietary blends so it has added durability you don't often get.

The real draw for this stroker is the adjustable suction-cup mount that can be stuck to any flat surface and angled however you like. This is a great toy for in the shower and it's even disguised as a shampoo bottle that your eyes would pass right over without a second thought if you didn't know what you were looking at.

We should point out that this is another stroker that is better-suited for guys whose dicks are in the average size range. Sorry, big boys!


 Balls Deep The Bad Ass 9" Ass Stroker

5- Balls Deep The Bad Ass 9" Ass Stroker

This is a super-puffy, squishy stroker that hits most of the high marks of what makes a great stroker great. The only gripe we could find with this one is that it could be a little tighter, but it's still pretty awesome, all the same.

It has an intense spiral-ridged interior with a matte-ish texture inside that really tickles the pickle and makes it a great choice for a second step unit for endurance training. It's open-ended and accommodates all but the most well-endowed guys. An all-around solid stroker at a reasonable price.


 Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Cock

4- Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Cock

This odd-looking little stroker is a helluva lot of fun to use. You can use it for penetration and for penetrating. The squishy material that's required for a good stroker makes a surprisingly satisfying, life-like dildo that's great for anal newbies but satisfyingly life-like enough to satisfy a vet.

The stroker itself is damn nice too. It has an ass-like, rounded feature that you can hold onto and the hole is nice and tight. This is a closed-ended stroker, so you get the slightly more difficult cleanup, but the other features of this dildo make that a minor nuisance unless that's a particular pet peeve of yours.


 Fleshjack Boys Liam Riley

3- Fleshjack Boys Liam Riley

What list of great strokers would be complete without an appearance by Fleshlight?! This particular Fleshlight stands out from many of the models in some pretty satisfying ways.

First of all, the entry point has a nice, puffy quality that adds some nice, squishy sensations when you thrust. Secondly, the internal texture is a varied combination of rounded balls, ribs, and interlocking ridges that are pretty out of this world.

You'll probably notice that the number-two entry is also from this same Fleshlight line. that's because we couldn't decide which of these two strokers was really better than the other and, in the end, it all came down to the texture. We'll get to that in the next entry...


 Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan

2- Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan

You get just about everything you get with the previous entry from this one, with the added benefit of a more intensely stimulating internal texture. It has everything you would expect from a Fleshlight- adjustable suction, durability, a satisfying fit, etc.- but this particular texture really blows the doors off the place. The only other major difference is the slightly less gradual, less puffy entry point.

Not only is it a Fleshlight, but  it's a particularly awesome Fleshlight. Do we really even need to say anything else?!


 ZOLO the Perfect Backdoor Masturbator

1- ZOLO the Perfect Backdoor Masturbator

As much as we all love Fleshlight, this stroker from ZOLO managed to eke out the top spot largely because of its price. You get almost everything you get from a Fleshlight, exception for the adjustable suction, and you save about thirty bucks in the process.

This stroker has an awesomely puffy entry point, an intense, multi-texture interior, and the contoured case makes it hella-easy to hold on to while you're cranking away at it.

If you feel like adjustable suction is worth the extra thirty bucks, get a Fleshlight. If you want a crazy-good stroker at a great price, go with the ZOLO!


 Gay Mens Anal Strokers

General Tips And Resources For New Cock Ring Users

If you're new to the stroker game and would like a little more help getting acquainted with them, these guides should tell you everything you need to know to jerk it like a pro!

Useful Accessories For Strokers

When it comes to strokers, choosing the right lube is crucial. A lot of these toys are made of materials that react poorly to certain lube bases. For instance, silicone-based lubes will absolutely shred your silicone toys. Those bastards aren't cheap- learn to protect them!

This lube guide should set you straight on the basics of which lubes go with what. Of course, you can always just use a water-based lube and forget about it because water-based lubes play nice with any material. We've kind of settle on Boy Butter Easy Pump - H2O as the best water-based lube for strokers because it lasts forever, is nice and light, and has a one-handed pump for easy, even application.

Best Anal Strokers For Gay Guys

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