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21 Men’s Health Sex Tips

21 Men’s Health Sex Tips

We have all been there, we think we’re doing a good job looking after our junk, but what is the best way to look after your sexual health so that you can enjoy yourself the most? Today we are going to explore just that.


Exercise Health Sex Tip 

  1. Exercise

This goes without saying, not only will you look and feel better, but you will have greater control over your orgasms! If you have an issue with lasting only so long in bed, increasing your fitness and muscle control can really help with this.


  1. Experimental edging

Those of you who don’t do this are missing out. It seems counter-productive but by dragging out the sensation of being on the brink of orgasm, you not only increase self-control but it gloriously intensifies the sweet release. If you are just starting out, be prepared for a few misfires!

 Vibrator Gay Men

  1. Vibrate yourself to heaven

I remember the first time I felt a vibration on my more sensitive regions. Someone was using a drill to bore a hole into a plank on my workshop bench. You can bet your ass I was pressed against the bench every time that drill came out after that! Many tops steer away from vibrators as it’s usually associated with bottoming but as just shown, it can be fantastic on your cock head. Have a look at our vibrators here!

 condom that works for you

  1. Safe Sex

Find a condom that works for you. Dicks come in all shapes and sizes, so it makes sense to find a condom that suits you. You would be surprised how much of an epiphany this is for people. But if this is something that has not occurred to you, why not experiment? See what works for you. It can make topping all the more pleasurable and so much safer.


  1. Do it like a dude

One of the advantages of having a same sex partner is that often we are equally strong (not always unfortunately…) and we can use this to our advantage. Experiment with your strength and flexibility to find positions that just wouldn’t work with a woman. All of these variations will not only add excitement to your sex life, but it will also slow down your orgasm.


  1. Prostate orgasm

The bottoms out there know what I am talking about. Jerking off with your prostate being massaged not only makes your orgasms mind numbingly beautiful, but it also helps protect you against prostate cancer. And what’s not to like about that?

 lube gay men

  1. Lube

For the love and honor of all that is holy, use lube. I don’t care how much you precum, you do not precum enough. I have been with guys who were self-proclaimed geysers when it came to precum, it was never enough. Not to mention if you are using a condom, it doesn’t matter how much you precum, it ain’t going to help. So, everyone, let’s be sensible and use lube so we can all enjoy ourselves.


  1. Foreplay is still playing

Personally, I think foreplay is the most fun part. Building up the anticipation, what’s going to happen next? How can you surprise him? Because when you get to the actual act of fucking, it’s fairly mechanical and predictable. But doing foreplay not only just makes it more fun, it will make your boner harder and thicker. And who doesn’t want to be as girthy as they can be? Make your man’s eyes bulge out of his head by taking the time to get as aroused as you can be.

 Exercise together

  1. Exercise together

We’ve already looked at how exercise can help you increase control. But what if you wanted to lose control? What if you got that fresh manly musk from your man? What if you got nice and sweaty together and had to hide your arousal from the rest of the world? Building up that anticipation only for you to rip off each other’s clothes, being warmed up could also open up new avenues.


  1. Quit smoking

The only good fag to have in your mouth is one that can squirt in it. Not only is smoking linked to a host of health issues but it actually reduces your libido, shrinks your cock and let’s face it, none of us want that. Quitting smoking will not only increase your overall health but will vastly increase the quality of your sex life.


  1. Make friends

By increasing your social circle not only does this expose you to new ways of thinking, but you will naturally meet their friends. Dating apps are great and all but nothing really beats that initial spark when you meet someone. And like the old adage goes, you can never have too many friends right?


  1. Make an effort

There are far too many people who like to play games these days. Have a 48-hour rule, if they don’t bother in that time move on. But also make sure that you abide by your own rules. You will begin your relationship with respect and boundaries already in place. This will do wonders for your level of intimacy when you do get down to business.

 Gay Kiss

  1. Lips to lips

Kissing is sexy, don’t forget the magical muscle that is in your mouth. If you become a good kisser, this puts you miles above the competition. Don’t immediately go down on him, when getting your man hard, keep the genitals off limits. Let them get hard by themselves. It will take longer but when they do, it will be longer and harder. And if don’t right, your cocks will both be starting to leak with precum.


  1. Perineum, what’s that?

You know that part of your body between your balls and your hole? That’s the perineum. This is the most tragically neglected part of the body during sex. Not only is it sensitive in of itself, but it is actually where the base of your cock is. So it’s a great place for you to nip and tease with your teeth and tongue on the skin. Then it is great to put a vibrator on to really stimulate the entire cock.

 gay holding hands

  1. Holding hands

I am a huge fan of holding hands. It usually means that I am proud of my partner and I am shouting it out to the world without having to say much. As you get used to someone holding your hands, you will be able to almost have silent conversations and when you are both in the mood, let’s just say it can be good to communicate your needs and desires without having to say anything. It makes having fun easier to arrange.


  1. Passion

Sex is the one activity that should have all of your attention. You are spending this moment with this one person and in that second, they are the only thing to exist. In our hyperconnected world, this is more important than ever. Let everything fall by the wayside as you enjoy this purely physical moment and you may surprise yourself by achieving higher realms of pleasure than before.


  1. Dirty talk in public

It can be extremely erotic to whisper dirty fantasies in public. Back and forth as you explain in explicit detail what you want to do to them or what you want done to you. It will be like a secret between the two of you and it will have people guessing what you are whispering about and giggling like teenagers.

 kinky sex

  1. Mix it up

Try your sexual adventures in a new place. Maybe in the kitchen? Or the back of your car? What about the shower? The idea is to create a sense of adventure, not only will this create a sense of novelty, but it will also bring some spice and bring your arousal to higher levels.


  1. Sexy fund for fun

Give a fund for him to buy some new exciting clothes or toys. Turn him loose and see what he comes up. Not only will this shift you both into a new mindset, but it can be a great way to find out more about your partner. What do they consider kinky? What do they like? What could you potentially surprise them with the next time you want to surprise them?


  1. Outdoor sex

With the calls of nature around you, you will be in total tune with yourself and your primeval needs. Why not make an adventure of it and go hiking in the woods and set up a camp? Let yourself go wild and have fun with your man in the woods. And if there is a lake nearby, why not go for a skinny-dipping frolic and see what happens?

 gay stripping

  1. Stripping and lap dancing

This can be a fun way to get your man in the mood and will also boost your self confidence and health. Give him a little tease of what it is that you can offer him. Let him get all worked up and when he starts to get into it, pull away and get a strip show or lap dance in return. Go back and forth until you are both hot and heavy, ready to blow.

health sex tips for gay men

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