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5 Spring Break Packing Tips for Gay Men

spring break gay travel guide

Did you know that 2019 is more than 20% complete? Yes, it does sound very weird. So does this mean that we’re getting older and older at an alarming rate? Well, definitely yes, but there’s one good thing about time passing by so quickly – spring has finally arrived!

Now it’s time to plan our gay cruises, spring breaks, gaycations or gay call-it-however-you-want trips that are about to happen before summer.

If you already made plans to visit Italy, Australia or a state in the USA, for example, it would be a good idea to make a list of all the things that you might need on the road but also there.

You might think that you already know what to pack, but trust us – there is something that you are likely to forget. Apart from putting your documents aside, such as your passport, money, plane tickets and accommodation booking receipts, you might want to pay attention to the following: 

Daywear: Plan in advance

Of course, the most important things that you need to pack are all the clothes that you will be wearing throughout the day. No, they don’t have to be sexy, but they don’t have to be old-fashioned either. So think casual. Bring some shorts, a pair of jeans, tees and shirts. Make sure to bring something long-sleeved as spring nights can be quite chilly, but, of course, everything depends on the destination you’re visiting. In order to pack in the best possible way, plan out the outfits in advance.

Nightwear: Think outside the box

As far as nightwear is concerned, you will probably bring all the best pants, trousers, shirts or whatever it is you’re going out in. If you like body harnesses and you like to wear them, feel free to bring them as well as you never know where you might end up. Think outside the box and be prepared for every situation – you never know if you’ll end up at the biggest gay party or a jazz concert.

Cosmetics: Bring the essentials

It’s very possible that you forget to pack certain things from your skincare routine. This is why it’s always good to have a small list of items and products that you want to take with you. For example, you might forget your favorite vegan face mask, even though you promised yourself to use them twice a week. Now, write down all the products that you use, and put the moisturizer, cleanser and exfoliator on the top of the list. Next, put down the masks or other products that you use to make your face so legendarily pretty! 

Underwear: Be comfy in the streets but also in the sheets

Next up, do not forget your underwear. Of course, you will definitely pack all the pairs without thinking carefully, but wait a second. Don’t you want to bring the sexiest underwear that you own? You never know when you will find a guy who you will show your underwear immediately to, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Pack all of your jockstraps, briefs and even thongs if they rock your boat. Of course, you need to make a plan when and where you will be wearing a certain pair of underwear. For example, don’t wear thongs on days when you have to travel a lot as it’s not going to be very comfortable and you definitely need comfort.

Sexy and essential: Get ready for an adventure

Finally, it’s time to think about all the fun and sexy things that you might need with you. Before we mention the sexy part, let’s focus on the fun stuff. Make sure to bring at least one book and pack your phone with plenty of music so that your trip passes in a faster and more comfortable way. Now, while you’re there, you will, fingers crossed, need your lube and your condoms. Even though you can buy these at the destination you’re visiting, it’s always better to take them from home so that you don’t forget and to know for sure you have them with you.


Spring breaks are always fun, and if they’re gay spring breaks, it means that they even more fun, and we can never argue about that. If you’ve come thus far with the article, it means that you have all the essentials with you, and there’s only one thing left for us to do – to wish you a great trip!

Peter Minkoff is a LGBT health and lifestyle writer. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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