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7 Sex Positions Every College Guy Should Try

7 Sex Positions Every College Guy Should Try

There’s something about college. Ahhh, those formidable years where young gays first leave the nest and comfort of their childhood homes and take the initial step on the paths to becoming young adults. Going off to university is more than a rite of passage for late teen queer people, it’s a time of exploration, coming into our own, and owning our homosexuality for the first time. 

Many of us don’t get a chance to dive deep into the depths of our own gayness until we go off to college, where people from all walks of life mix and mingle, and provide a safe place for queer people to be uniquely themselves. We do more than come into our own during this transformative period: we start really getting to know our bodies, our sex drive, and the power and gift of sex and adventure.

If you’re like many of us: you weren’t born being a hot gay sex stud of a lover. You were created over time through numerous conquests, tricks, boyfriends, and hookups. It took years for some of us to learn the ins and outs of gay sex and the myriad of potential possible positions along the way. While there is no handbook for gay sex tips and advice during the college years, we would like to help our university brethren with some sage sex position tips, to empower your uni sex life. 

Here are the top sex positions for college gays:

Sex Position Doggie Style

1. Doggie style. 

It’s classic, it’s effective, and it’s super hot. What bottom doesn’t long for a secret sex rendezvous getting plowed from behind? And what top doesn’t want to stare at his passive partner’s hot ass while he is plowing it? Doggie style is great for that carnal urge to just fuck each other and get off, the way Mother Nature intended. 

Doggy style is best achieved when the submissive partner is on the bed, on his hands and knees. This allows for waist-height entry level penetration, and is one of the more comfortable positions when beginning the process of fucking. In doggy style, a top can ease his erect penis inside of you slowly, fully realizing the depth he has entered you, which isn’t always the case in other positions.

Tops get to drool all over the manly backs of their partners while bottoms get to get penetrated like a b$&@% in heat. Unleash the animal inside you, get on all fours, turn around, and let your top pound you into oblivion—like a good dirty dog.

2. The Ride ‘Em Cowboy. 

Some bottoms will tell you that their favorite position is on top of their lover’s laps, riding their partner’s penis until orgasm. We like to call this position the Ride Em’ Cowboy—because you’re riding the dick, like a Cowboy rides a hose, bouncing up and down with every stroke. This position can be easier on the bottom because they are in control of the level of penetration they are willing to receive. 

They get to determine if they want to be fully impaled on hot dick or just ride the majority of it. It’s easier to manipulate how much penis you’re willing to take if you’re on top, only taking what you can take. Getty up, Cowgirl and try the Ride ‘Em Cowboy.

Gay Sex Position the wheel barrel

3. The wheel barrel. 

When you really want to be submissive, bend over and let your hands fall to the floor, so that the only thing preventing your guy from pounding you into the ground are your arms. Hence the shape of a wheel barrel in action. Get your bottom to bend over, grabbing him securely by the hips and waist. When he is getting fucked by you, he can gradually bend all the way forward until his hands are on the ground or he can even start out by grabbing his ankles. 

It’s all about how secure the bottom feels in supporting himself with his arms while you’re grabbing him and pulling him in with each stroke. For bottoms, secure yourselves: with the wheel barrel, you’re going to get fucked and good. Hands on the ground in front of you, spread eagle, ready for full on submission.

4. Helium In Your Heels. 

Sure, the missionary position is fun. You get to stare in the eyes of your partner as you or he pounds the dickens out of each other. Missionary is sensual and connected sex, passionate, fiery, and wholesome. But there are several different moves and tweaks you can utilize to your benefit to make missionary position that much more fun. Take the Helium In Your Heels. 

This position has the bottom, typically with a pillow under his ass in the missionary position, but his heels or legs are resting on the shoulders of his partner. This position allows for deeper thrusts and maximizing the stroke lengths to reach those far off orgasmic trigger points hidden deep within a man’s ass. Pretend that you’ve got an Up-level of balloons tied to your ankles, and that the only thing keeping you from flying away, upside down, is by anchoring them to your man’s traps. 

When he fucks you in ways and depths you haven’t been fucked before, you can thank us later.

5. The Yin Yang. 

We all know what 69ing is. Classic foreplay, especially for gay boys, who just cannot get enough of that D in their mouths. If you and your mate really want to turn your foreplay up a notch, try out the Yin Yang: where both of you are rimming each other at the same time. Asses are hot and deserve to be licked. 

Is anything more masculine or hotter during gay sex than going to town eating your man’s butt? In true 69/Yin and Yang form, get on top of your partner and spread his legs. He can rest them under your armpits while you straddle and sit your ass down on his face. Whichever position you are in, either on your back or on top of your guy, you boys can go to town, munching on each other’s holes. 

Make out with his ass, teasing and kissing the hole until you're ready to enter his anal cavity with your firm tongue. Once both of your tongues are as deep in one another as they can reach, you’ll feel this sexual, sensual, incredible connection with your partner, mouths firmly planted on each other’s asses.

Gay Sex Position Bottom

6. Ass to ass. 

There is a very good chance that you are going to come across at least one partner with the same exact sexual preferences as you. If you’re ever paired up with another bottom or vers bottom guy, don’t despair. There is so much more you can do than just jacking off with each other and taking turns being the top. Get yourself a good double-headed dildo, like the Basic 18” Ribbed Double Dong, and you’ll find that this sex toy serves as more than just something you play alone with. 

Each end of the dong is shaped like a penis head, so you and your partner can use it together, at the same time. Both of you get on their hands and knees facing away from each other on the bed. 

One of you lubes up and inserts the dildo into your ass, or with the help of your partner. When it's deep enough to feel secure, the other partner should lube up, back his ass up to closer to yours, and insert his end of the dong. 

Ease your way into feeling each other fucking one another with your asses, until your muscle butts have inhaled the entire 18 inches of silicone inside of yourselves, as you are thrusting it into your partner, and back into you, ass to ass.

7. The sideways chair. 

This position mightn’t look like much or sound that enticing, but this is a great sexual position that places both partners into spots where they can receive maximum sensations and orgasmic joy. The bottom starts out on his back. Switching from the missionary position where your legs are wrapped around your partner’s waist or spread out on the bed, lift one leg up and over. 

Turning onto your side, hike both knees up halfway into a sitting or chair-shaped position. Your partner then comes up over you and enters your asshole vertically, your ass and hole on full display for your man to inseminate. The bottom can turn his upper torso to face his partner or the ceiling, as long as the ass is turned sideways and knees are tucked up. 

You’ll find the depths and angles this allows the penis to achieve, feel utterly incredible. The bottom can jack off either with his hand/arm he isn’t resting on over his top leg. Or, he can reach between his own legs, pulling his hard dick shaft down below his ballsack, near his ass where he is getting penetrated, to masturbate and achieve orgasm by hand.

Welcome to the wonderful world of gay man on man sex. These are just the beginning, as there are hundreds of positions and lots of ways to get off. Go forward with an open mind, and you’ll be gay sex fine. What positions involving man on man sex are your favorites? Comment below:

Gay Sex Position

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