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Tantus Prostate Play Review

From the Tantus heavens comes the Prostate Play. A toy that had our man-tits not only excited to offer, but one that we all stood in awe of. A toy that rises far above the competition in more features than one.

We all stood in a circle around the Prostate Play as if we were around a campfire holding hands and singing kumbaya.

As I was unboxing this sex toy, I heard whispers behind me that you would only hear at a product launch. A faint whisper slowly made its way to the front "look at the curves" one said. "THE RIDGES! THE RIDGES!" another shouted. "Just feel it... the softness... and size" I said. It was a sight to behold. I knew right there and then that this little toy would fit perfectly between anyones tuchus, and that I would have to be the first one to try it out - no matter what! At last, I am able to review this little bad boy. It may look innocent, but I can guarantee you that it surely is not.


Taunts came up with a simple, yet elegant way to show off the Prostate Play, using a see-through clamshell package to display the toy with a card insert highlighting some of its features. As a side note, if you wish to keep the toy clean and are lacking a sex toy box, keep the packaging and stick it in after each use to keep it fresh and clean.


Standing at 4.5 inches long with a circumference of 4 inches at its widest point, the Prostate Play is not particularly large in length or circumference in comparison to other prostate massagers. However, this is exactly what Tantus intended to create. It's not meant to be enormous and unneededly wide. This indicates to me that Tantus meticulously studied the prostate and created a toy that makes it spark. It's not the bulkiness or the length of a prostate massager that will milk the prostate, but its the soft landing followed by the perfect geometrical curve and then some vibrating action to milk it hands-free.

The head of the prostate play is semi-firm, it's hard but squishy and soft. If you look closely, immediately after the head you can see a reduction in the circumference. As we move down to the rest of the body, the firmness remains but it stays very pliable, countering to every angle of your body.

We are then met with 4 ridges that surround the body. These are meant to keep the toy securely in place while you use it or while you walk around with it. This is one area where this little bugger stands out from the rest of the prostate toys. The movement of your body and butt, whether you're lying down in bed or walking around, tends to shoot toys out. Not this one, the ridges help keep it secure and in place. Moving to the base, the little bulbous point on the left side of the picture is a perineum massager (for extra heightened sensations) and on the other end the curve allows it to elegantly contour to the shape of your behind.

Finally, the little bullet vibe (included) offers 3 speeds of intensity; low, medium and high. The little vibe does a good job at powering the toy and making it truly vibrating from tip to base. You can change between the 3 levels of intensity by clicking the little pink button or holding it for ~ 5 seconds to turn it off. Don't worry, the batteries will last you long enough.

Using the Tantus Prostate Play

This is a toy that some water-based lubricant does very well with. Lather it up... and put some on the tip for good luck. Inserting the toy was fun, the head or "the first pop" as I like to call it, pops in with a slight but gentle push. I was then in, between the head and the body, in that little nook. Another gentle push got me right to the body of the Prostate Play and right down past the ridges to the base. Twist. Adjust. I had now successfully nudged the prostate. You can actually feel the softness of the premium silicone inside of you, the toy contours to your body and the circumference (or thickness) is just right. "Time for some vibrating action" I said to my self whilst clicking on the little vibe. "Woah" I yelped, I was taken aback by the power of this little thing. Typically, a small bullet vibe can provide as much power as its stature, but on high, this little sex toy wasn't innocent looking anymore! The ridges kept it firmly in place and at every possible slip it would clench on and hold tight. The contouring back-end helps anchor it place as well.

Caring for your new toy

Because this is 100% ultra-premium silicone, I would suggest some warm water and a good toy and body cleaner. The bullet is removable and waterproof. I would suggest leaving the toy out to air dry or you may lightly pat it down with a non-lint cloth.


Most things in life are built for both sexes, but the few times you get something just for men - it's worth trying out. This has to be one of the best all male sex toys. A vibrator made for men with one goal: stimulating the prostate. Its soft satin silicone material will have you petting it, and its power will keep you satisfied for a while.
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