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Sex In A Car - How Male Sex Toys May be Put to Use

Sex in a Car or any Vehicle

Sex has been performed just about anywhere and there are very few places that have not yet been explored and christened with a bang. One of the more popular spots that sex has found its way into is the car or perhaps to be more accurate, any vehicle. This would include any man, animal or mechanically powered contraption capable of carrying a load for transport. These days this is still true and in the future the type of car or vehicle will change and people will still be boinking inside, at, on and in, I’m sure, other outlandish predicaments. Since the dawn of sex in a car or vehicle, things have not always turned out in the best of circumstances and before racing off to doing the deed, put on the brakes for a moment and read up on how to better manage the situation before you start driving your dick up somebody’s tunnel or have someone else drive theirs up your tunnel.  

Carnal Car Cravings

There are many ways to enjoy sex in a car or vehicle and this is only limited by your very own imagination but there are some sex acts that are more popular than others and here are some carnal car cravings:
  • Blowjob - it can be done while the vehicle is stopped or in motion but it is not recommended while on the move as the distraction can lead to disastrous results - park first and then put that prick in your mouth. One variation when parked can then lead to the passenger in front to get the same treatment.
  • Handjob - related and sometimes done in conjunction with the blowjob, a handjob can be done in a similar fashion as first stated for the blowjob. The driver and passenger can switch who gives and who gets but with this, it is possible to do each other at the same time.
  • Mounted Driver and Front Passenger - the seated driver and the seated front passenger are mounted for a cowgirl or reverse.
  • Upfront Missionary and Spoon - doable but positive results can vary as these need a bit of legroom to properly carry out.
  • Backseat Banging - just about anything goes in the backseat but because of the limited space movement can be restricted, That said, you can practically work on all your moves when you are back there.
  • Trunk and Hood Humping - outside the vehicle space restrictions do not apply and thus pretty much anything can happen here. At, on or against the vehicle, you and your partner can do it facing each other or with one facing in the same direction.

Roadblocks and Detours

Depending on the vehicle these sex acts can vary slightly but the basic premise stays the same. Perhaps it is a lot more different when the vehicle adds or loses wheels in the equation. One variable that can always affect the stated deeds is the vehicle size and maybe to a certain degree, the shape or design as well. There can also be other roadblocks ahead like non-wheeled vehicles but let us focus on a few.
  • Wheels - On a unicycle, a circus performer may be able to perform feats of the carnal nature but they would certainly be different from the ones that have been mentioned, This would also be the same for vehicles with wheels set in a line, like a motorcycle for example. Three wheels takes you somewhere closer to four wheels and comes very close to getting it all done except for trunk and hood humping for obvious reasons. Now, when the wheels go up to more than 4, the game changes and can sometimes radically impact the carnal combos available. For example, take an ordinary bus with a seating setup that has an aisle and two columns of seats and so on - you get the picture. You can definitely do the stated carnal cravings and so much more when the space gets larger. There are also vehicles like a hot air balloon which does not even have wheels and whatever you can think of doing in a small basket, well that’s it. This line of thinking would then include vehicles like planes, trains, boats, subs and even rocketships. Variation based on wheel count can offer a variety of sex positions and problems as well.
  • Vehicle Size - Room to move is important when it comes to working your positions in a car or vehicle. Bean’s Mini Cooper and small cars like it are not that great for doing it inside as it is a tiny space. Some that require very little body movement like blowjobs and handjobs do not require a lot of space to be performed and thus even in the cramped space of the smallest car, hot air balloon basket, dinghy or even on a unicycle, a blowjob or a handjob is always a possibility. As the vehicle gets larger the sex acts you can do also get larger in number but how that space is setup can also play a role in the deeds one can do comfortably or otherwise.
  • Vehicle Shape or Design - Some vehicle shapes or designs are better suited for sex, some are OK, some are for experts only and some can be problematic. Take a flat bed cart, cargo van or truck, the large area where you can lay down and hump away would be something akin to a horizontal tango in bed. Cars made back in the day are also somewhat better for sex as they are large behemoths which are quite unlike the small or compact varieties you see often these days - except perhaps the SUV. These are perfect for backseat boffs and if you turn back the clock enough you will also see backseats in one piece as well as front seats and that makes for a good bed substitute. An example of an expert sex vehicle would be a unicycle and only a trained and rather skilled circus performer might be able to successfully attempt it. A sports car can also be cramped but primarily it is the bucket seats that almost envelop you that hinder their suitability for sex - quite limiting for movement. On some you will find that the exterior may not also be ideal. A flat-nosed van for example, there is no hood to bang on and on a VW Beetle, especially the old ones, the curved engine compartment and trunk do not have that relatively flat surface that you need for sex. You just have to use your wits and adapt accordingly.

Full Stop

One thing that was already mentioned was the fact that this can turn ugly when it is done while the vehicle is in motion so before you do it - do a full stop to make this a safer event. It can only be done safely while on the move if there is a driver and if that driver pays attention to driving and driving alone - nuff said.

Systems Solid, Rev Your Engines and Go

Prepping for the event can be beneficial and making sure your systems are solid should make it more fun. Some of the items on this following list are essential and some are optional but bunching them together results in a cool Car Sex Kit. You can choose which you think are important to you and it does not even have to be the same item at all.

Car Sex Kit

As the driver, it is just a matter of revving up your engines and making a go for it when you have this all in place. Ready, Set, Go...
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