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A Sex Toy Introduction for Men

This guide will introduce you to the different anal toys available on Adam's Toy Box. Anal toys are rising in popularity as another means of male stimulation that allow men to explore new arousals and sexual experiences. With that, there are different tools to experience heightened orgasms and an altogether different experience than you have ever been exposed to.

  Before we begin, it is important to state a few points on anal stimulation:
  1. This point cannot be stressed enough. In this case, the more you use the better. The relatively cheap price of lube makes it so that you can use lots of it. Make sure to apply a water-based lubricant to the anal toy itself and to the anus.
  2. It should not be painful. Any type of stimulation, whether it is with a sex toy or a partner, should not cause pain. If it does, stop, and repeat step number one.
  3. Proper warm-up. Before inserting anything, make sure to fondle with your or your partners anus. This will allow you or your partner to relax the sphincter muscles in your anus, and therefore make for a more pleasurable experience.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, we can begin outlining the different types of anal toys that are available for you to play with! Anal Beads Anal beads are by far the beginner’s choice. Not to downplay the size of anal beads because some do come in very large sizes, however the majority of them are perfect for testing the waters into the foray of anal stimulation. Anal beads usually come in rods of very flexible material (either silicone or jelly) and have little beads or nodules, which are perfectly spaced out on the rod. It is safe to play with anal beads and you do not have to worry about losing them once they’re inside. All anal beads come with a handle on one end, which you can hold, to command, insert and retrieve the beads.

How to: Use lubricant. Lube up some more! Warm up, and insert the beads slowly. Slowly pull each bead out when you or your partner is in climax and during an orgasm. The pleasure can send one through the roof! Anal Plugs Anal plugs are mans best friend! Some men like to wear anal plugs all day, during work and daily activities; others like to use them solely during sex. Anal plugs come in a cone (or pointy) shape, and with some lube are easy to insert. You will find butt plugs of different sizes and with different bells and whistles. Some Anal plugs vibrate, inflate and others are simply shaped to hit the prostate. Butt plugs are made from different material like PVC, silicone, metal and even glass! How to: As always, lube up the toy and the anus, relax your sphincter muscles and slide the plug in slowly. It will pop in place, and you can leave it there during sex, masturbation or even during the day! Prostate Massagers This sex toy is explicitly for men. Many men do not know that the prostate gland is sensitive and can make you sexually excited.

This is the “G-spot” for men! A prostate massager is angled at the end, with a bend, which allows it to reach the prostate and stimulate it once it is inserted in the anus. Many prostate massagers vibrate, once the tip of the prostate massager touches the prostate, the vibrating feature will enhance your sexual excitement and send you into an amazing climax and orgasm. If you see “J” or “L” shaped prostate stimulators, these are meant for stimulating the prostate, testicles and perineum (the area between your scrotum and rectum). Prostate massagers come in different sizes, so start with one that you think you can take (if you are a beginner, of course). These sex toys vary between silicone, PVC, glass, and other soft, pliable material. How to: Lube up. Lie down with your legs up in the air or on your side with your knees touching your stomach and insert the toy slowly. Remember that this is not a dildo or anal beads, so do not use thrusting motion. Rather, a simple and slight pressure to the prostate will achieve what you are looking for with this toy. Let your muscles get used to the toy, and if using it with a partner, let him know when he reaches the P-Spot!

To Sum Up As you can see, all anal toys have their specific use. Some are made specifically for prostate stimulation, while others have a more open-ended use. Be sure to pick an anal toy that you are comfortable with, especially in size, and always be sure to add lubricant to both the toy and the point of insertion. Lastly, this is all about having fun, so go ahead, do something wild and try an anal toy! You will never regret it! *You can buy all of these products and much more at www.adamstoybox.com

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