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5 Sex Toys for Men

Men no longer have to shy away from using sex toys. Sex toys have become less taboo, and not necessarily something that must be used only when one is alone. In fact, a study by LELO found that 72% of sex toy owners use them with their partner and 62% are in committed relationships. Some men feared that their partner would find the use of sex toys "weird" or just uncommon and something that should only be practiced by people alone and in private. However, all that has changed. Sex toys are a great way to spice up your life, whether with a partner or alone, and with that said, I present to you the top 5 sex toys for men:

1) Cock Ring: Cock Armour


A cock ring is a must for any man. Why any man has sex without it is beyond me. It promises and successfully delivers harder and fuller erections and just strengthens your manpower to infinity and beyond! Restricting blood flow from leaving the penis is its main job. Sure, you can get one with all the bells and whistles that add extra excitement, but it will still work in the same fashion.

2) Male Masturbator: The Funzone Vulcan Blow Job (Vibrating)

Funzone Vulcan Masturbator

 It can't get any better. A sex toy for men, that only men can use. The male masturbator comes in a  variety of styles ranging from mouth (pictured above) to a life-like anus. Imagine the added sensations of a vibrating masturbator stimulating the head of the penis. The Funzone Vulcan is a very popular choice for its quality, durability as well as for its design.

3) Prostate Massager: LELO Bob


Prostate massagers are a gentleman's best friend. You might have liked masturbators, but boy are you going to like prostate massagers. If you didn't know, the prostate is the G-spot for men (often called the P-spot). Stimulating it can cause irresistible sensations that will take you over the edge. Although you may do it with your finger, finding the prostate takes practice. A prostate massager (or prostate vibrator) takes the guess work out, and delivers the pleasure in. In the LELO Bob pictured above, you can see the ergonomic bend that will hit the P-spot every time, at the right angle. The looped handle lets you keep it secure on your finger. Thrusting is not needed here, just insert, touch the prostate with this tool and let it vibrate away. Try it hands-free and watch how fast you ejaculate.

4) Realistic Dildo: Avi Dar Sensafirm Cock

Avi Dar Sensafirm Cock

No sex toy stash is complete without a dildo. A realistic dildo to be exact. Realistic dildos are made to look like a real penis. They even feature material that feels like real skin. Some dildos have the feature of ejaculating, while others vibrate. I'll tell you though, one of the greatest features about realistic dildos on Adam's Toy Box, is their affiliation with porn stars. That's right, the realistic cock you see pictured above is folded straight from Avi Dar!

5) Penis Pumps: The Bathmate Hercules Hydropump

Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump

Pumps may be controversial, but they definitely work. Many men use pumps and expect that with one and only one use they will add inches down there. That can't be farther from the truth. Penis pumps are meant to be used over time, and if you devote time into pumping your penis, you will see growth. Of course, you ca definitely see growth immediately, but that will subside if you do not continue practising. For example, penis pumps are GREAT before sex, you can pump it up and it will look bigger and feel stiffer. The great feature of the Bathmate pump (pictured above) is its ability to be used with water which makes its results more pronounced. Read the reviews on our website and give it a try!

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