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Sex Toy Use Among Men: A Study

We’ve all heard of the statistics. Over 44% of women in the United States aged between 18-60 have used sex toys, but what about men? There seems to be very little research on whether men are avid buyers of sex toys in this big industry. Therefore, using our internal data and analytics we will clear the air and destigmatize the use of sex toys by men.

According to our internal research data, we find that men between the age of 18-34 comprise over 65% of sex toys purchases. Surprisingly, the majority of these men are from low populous states which perhaps indicates that sex toy use amongst men is losing its stigma in the less so called “liberal” states where sex attitudes are or have been historically more “conservative” (if you want to use that terminology).  In no specific order, the state of Massachusetts sees 3 sex toy purchases by men per capita, in Wyoming we see 1 sex toy purchase by men per capita, 2 in Alaska, and 7 in Maine.

Men don’t necessarily use sex toys alone. Men’s Health Sex Professor Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., claims that more than 50% of men have used a sex toy with a partner – so if you do, you’re definitely not alone! Then there is the study done by Indiana State University that found that over 45 percent of men use sex toys, and vibrators specifically, during sex. That’s an outstanding number which indicates that sex toy use amongst men is pretty common. The possibility of that number being higher is entirely possible. The reasoning is that many people would not admit to using toys, and therefore this affects the results quite a bit.

However, given the numbers that we have, it is safe to say that men enjoy the use of sex toys as much as women, however and unfortunately, it is the social stigma attached to men and sex toy use. At the present moment, people don’t view women who use sex toys unfavourably, however the same cannot be said for men.

Now in total, men and women spend over $15 billion per year on sex toys and the market is set to grow at an exponential rate close to that of smartphone sales in the next 10 years! That means demand for these little nifty gadgets is growing, and why not?!

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