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Anal Beads & the Gates of Heaven: 6 Common Questions Answered

Anal Beads & the Gates of Heaven: 6 Common Questions Answered

Anal beads have this kind of reputation that turns some people away. They don’t have to be scary, though. They’re an incredibly pleasurable experience for your hole and you can enjoy some prostate stimulation. The feeling inside you is a lot different from prostate massagers or anal plugs. Whether you use them with your man or solo, they can definitely drive you wild.

Anal beads aren’t really in my sex toy drawer, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of fun with them. Currently, my go-to toy is a prostate massager because they’re something my man and I enjoy together or solo. Though, in the past, I’ve often gone for my trusty anal beads for amazing orgasms. They fill you so much differently than other toys and the flexibility inside your hole rubs everything in all the right ways.

You can play with how many beads you insert in your hole, some designs are tapered, some are firmer, there really are anal beads for everyone. The intense feeling of pulling out the beads is a huge turn on, and if you time it with ejaculation, hello gates of heaven, didn’t think I’d be allowed to see those! As each ball pops out you’ll feel intense sensations that are oh so good.

Dare to know more? 

Anal beads can seem daunting so I’ve prepared all you need to know about anal beads below.

Anal Beads

First off, What are they and how do you go about using anal beads?

Anal beads make for a fantastic beginner-friendly sex toy to get used to the pleasures of exploring anal play. Some of the designs are tapered with a stiffer core to make insertion easier, others can be larger uniform balls connected by a flexible silicone string and make for a feeling of fullness even power bottoms enjoy. The most important part of anal beads is the retrieval ring or handle, no one wants to lose a sex toy up their ass and have to uncomfortably sit in ER. Girl, do NOT ask me about this, just take my advice.

As men, we’ve got this delightfully sensitive gland in our butts called the prostate. If you’ve never played with your prostate before because you’re some alpha top then you’re missing out on a ton of stimulation. The internal pressure from anal beads is just right for hitting that delicious p-spot and will blow your mind when you orgasm.

This flexible toy can be used while your solo masturbating getting or giving head, or even while fucking you man. The versatility is often what draws people in, but the intense popping sensation is what keeps you coming back. You can train your hole with anal beads to work up to taking a cock or bigger dildos, they’re basically a gay man’s best friend, sorry diamonds. Stretching your hole with insertion and removal and getting used to the filling sensation of something inside your anus.

The most pleasurable experience with anal beads is popping them out all at once during orgasm. Honestly, the sensation is so intense and unreal you’ll never look back. Let you man control the toy in your hole for added fun, he’s in charge of how many beads fill you up and inserting and removing them. Tons of lube is my biggest recommendation here, and this is for all anal play really, lube helps things feel more comfortable and makes insertion and removal of your new favorite toy that much easier.

Just remember that anal play shouldn’t hurt in a way that makes you feel like you have to ‘push through’ the pain. Stop playing if it’s hurting you and take a moment to relax before trying again. Anal play, especially with anal beads, should be an uber pleasurable experience.

What are anal beads made out of?

They can be made out of virtually any sex toy material, most commonly, though, would be silicone, plastic, PVC, and other firm but flexible materials. Just a refresher here, silicone lube will erode your silicone toys, so if you’re a fan of silicone lube for anal play you’ll need to switch things up if you’ve bought silicone beads. Water-based lube is a great alternative.

Boy Butter Easy Pump - H2O

Boy Butter Easy Pump - H2O

Lube like Boy Butter H2O really goes a long way here because it’s so long-lasting. You can buy it online and it’s almost always in stock, the brand is really recognizable and I highly recommend searching for their commercials on Youtube because they are the highlight of my gay tv watching! The lube won’t even stain your sheets, so I really recommend picking some up if you’re unsure of what lube to try out.

Who should use anal beads?

Honestly, they’re a great toy for any anal explorer. Whether you’re a skilled bottom who’s handled the biggest of cocks, or a complete anal virgin, anal beads are equally pleasurable for everyone if you find the right ones for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re top, bottom, vers, or something in between, then anus has so many nerve endings that the intense pleasure can be enjoyed by anyone. Not to mention the pleasure of the balls rolling over your prostate internally.

If you’re more of a top I’d use anal beads with a cock ring attached for an added pump because why the fuck not? They’ll tug your hole and your meat as you masturbate or pound his hole. It’ll drive you crazy as your cock is throbbing with pleasure. I can’t recommend the ass lock style enough because of this. It’s a great into to anal stimulation with a unique pleasure.

VeDO Quaker Plus Anal Vibe

VeDO Quaker Plus Anal Vibe

For the bottoms out there I’d recommend vibrating anal beads because of the bonus sensations that’ll make your hole quiver. Tapered beads on a stiff but flexible shaft make for easy insertion while soloing, but they can also give your partner a lot of sexual power when playing with your hole.

So what’s the difference between anal beads and anal plugs or prostate massagers?

Plugs are kind of a set it and forget it toy, great for leaving in the tops hole or just simply warming up for a night of fucking, but I wouldn’t call them an active play toy. I know guys, myself included, who’ll leave them in for hours while going about there lives. It’ll have me dripping precum through my jockstrap which is one way I like to distract my man. Then, when it comes to fucking, they will rub your prostate for some of the most strong and intense orgasms you’ll experience

Prostate massagers are really targetted sex toys. They focus primarily on hitting the male p-spot, your prostate. They’re usually not too long and not too big, making them great for any time you want to play because they’re easy to get started and enjoy right off the bat. Some prostate massagers are designed to stay in, but I prefer the more controllable vibrating prostate massagers.

Anal beads focus on the pleasure of popping each bead in an out of your hole. Whether you’re removing all of them at once for an insane orgasm or your partner is actively playing with your hole these toys are more engaging which helps create even more arousal. Just like other sex toys, many anal beads even vibrate so there’s really only the difference in activity/engagement level required by whoever’s using the toy.

clean anal beads

Okay, so how do I clean anal beads

Easy peasy - soap and warm water. Like any other sex toy, you should clean anal beads after every use. No one wants the funky build-up of bacteria so make sure you wash them thoroughly and after every single use. Bacteria can cause some really gross infections so please just wash your toys.

Simply run the beads under warm water and lather them up with mild soap. Then just rinse them off and let them air dry on a towel or any hard surface really. You don’t need fancy sex toy cleaning devices or special cleaners, soap and water works just fine. 

anal play safety

What anal beads would I buy if I was looking for the best?

Basically, this is about separating the low-quality beads from the high-quality ones. This, for me, comes down to the material. I only buy silicone toys if I can because of the slick feeling of the material and how easy they are to clean. Being non-porous also means you’re less likely to miss any spots while cleaning and you won’t have to really scrub the toy.

Silicone anal beads are soft enough to conform a bit to your hole, which makes them a lot more comfortable to wear because of the give that the balls have. Silicone is still firm enough that insertion is just as slick as a phallic dildo. Always, though, and I mean always buy beads that either have a flared base or a retrieval ring, this is for obvious safety reasons, but it has to be said.

Now that I’ve gone over things, I’m going to highlight three of my favorite anal beads and why I love them...

I’ve mentioned a couple of these above, but I really wanted to highlight them here because they deserve their time in the limelight. 

VeDO Scorpio C Ring & Anal Chain

VeDO Scorpio C Ring & Anal Chain

This ass lock style is what I recommended for the tops out there. It’s much more than just a toy for tops though. You can enjoy it solo while masturbating and feel every tug at your hole pull the beads inside you as you stroke your cock. It’s honestly a bliss and every couple should have an ass lock style toy in their collection.

Tantus Ripple Silicone Plug

Tantus Ripple Silicone Plug

This toy is just the right fit, it’s long enough to hit those deeper spots of pleasure and girthy enough to fill your hole from rectum to prostate and beyond. It’s great if you don’t want a ginormous toy, but you’re looking to explore deeper anal stimulation.

Master Series Spades Anal Beads XL

Master Series Spades Anal Beads XL

Last but not least is the daddy of anal beads. At over nine inches of insertable length, these uniquely shaped anal beads will have your eyes rolling back with pleasure. The tapered shape of each bead makes inserting bead after bead much easier than firm balls and removal is ultra-intense because the base of each bead is flatter providing more of a popping sensation than other toys. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if your hole is ready for it, I’d say bottoms up!

Now you’re all experts on anal beads and the pleasures they bring into the bedroom. Don’t go out and buy the biggest ones on the market if you arent prepared for insane filling pleasure! These toys can be super beginner-friendly but also scale really well for those who enjoy more intense anal pleasure.

anal play fun toys

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